How to start preparing for SBI PO?

How to start preparing for SBI PO?

SBI PO Notification 2021 The SBI PO 2021 test will be held by the State Bank of India (SBI) to identify competent individuals for the position of Probationary Officers (PO) in various SBI branches. SBI PO is one of the most sought-after jobs in the banking industry, with millions of people aspiring to work there. Because of the following factors, SBI PO is regarded as a top banking job opportunity: 

  • SBI’s brand value and reputation are linked to the SBI PO post. 
  • Pay scale is one of the best among PSU banks. 
  • Opportunities for development exist, including the possibility of a PO becoming Chairperson.
  • Workplace satisfaction and social standing 

The SBI PO test is divided into three stages: preliminary, mains, and group discussion/interview. Before you begin your preparation, you should familiarize yourself with the latest information, such as selection procedures, eligibility, exam patterns, syllabuses, and previous year’s cutoffs. Please read this article to see more about the SBI PO 2021 Exam. 

SBI PO Exam Pattern 

The SBI PO test is a difficult exam. The number of aspiring candidates grows at an exponential rate every year, resulting in fierce rivalry for PO employment in India. As a result, students are desperately looking for an SBI PO study guide to help them pass the test with ease. 

  • The SBI PO test is divided into three sections: 
  • Prelims of SBI PO 
  • Group Exercises & Interview for SBI PO Mains 

The banking business is currently attracting many bright people because of its numerous career options, and the first option that comes to everyone’s mind is the position of SBI Probationary Officer (PO). 

SBI holds its own exam, the SBI PO Exam, to hire Probationary Officers for its many branches around the country, who will serve as Assistant Managers following a two-year probation period. To learn and see more about the SBI PO exam pattern visit the linked site. 

 Prelims Exam 

Subject Number of Questions Marks Duration
English Language 30  100 20 Minutes 
Quantitative Aptitude 35 10020 Minutes 
Reasoning Ability 35 10020 Minutes 
Total 100 1001 Hour 

Mains Exam 

Subject Number of Questions Marks Duration 
Objective Test 
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 45 60 60 Minutes 
Data Analysis & Interpretation 35 60 45 Minutes 
General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 40 35 Minutes 
English Language 35 40 40 Minutes 
Subjective/ Descriptive Test 
English Language (Letter Writing & Essay) 50 30 Minutes 
Total 157 250 3.5 Hours 

The best tips to prepare for SBI PO Examination 

Candidates who are serious about passing the exam should begin their SBI PO preparation as soon as possible so that they can attain the desired outcomes in 60 days (about 2 months). 

The job market is extremely competitive, and bank exams have a high demand compared to other jobs. To beat the cut-throat rivalry for the bank exams, all SBI PO applicants must be one step ahead of the competition. Many applicants miss critical preparation time and begin to lose confidence in the weeks leading up to the exam. 

  • Make notes: Taking notes is a crucial habit to develop because it improves memory retention and allows you to use the same notes for review. 
  • Follow the news: This will ensure that you have a proper SBI PO preparation plan in place before taking the SBI PO Mains exam’s General Awareness part. Candidates should keep up with current events by watching news channels and reading newspapers daily. 
  • Start reading: Reading is the most effective approach to improve your English language skills by increasing your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. Candidates should read English newspapers, magazines, and journals, as well as follow a regular grammar book. 
  • Prioritize each area and topic: Because the exam has a sectional and overall cutoff, it is critical to thoroughly prepare each segment, and to cover each topic in its entirety, if possible. 
  • Strategize your preparation: Once you have figured out the syllabus and pattern, start separating the weak and strong topics and making a one-month timetable that covers the full curriculum.
  • Know the specifics: The first step is to familiarize yourself with the exam’s contents, such as the SBI PO syllabus and exam format, relevant dates, and test duration. 


A comprehensive study plan is required to prepare for the Bank PO exam. Here are some of the top exam preparation tips for SBI PO in 60 days (about 2 months): 

Organize your time. Due to the limited time allotted for the tests and the substantial number of questions, it is critical to manage time effectively. Set aside time for each portion and give each section equal emphasis. This danger is worth avoiding because the tests feature a one-fourth negative grading structure. When answering the questions, be as precise as possible and avoid making educated guesses. Stick to the Recurring Strategy 

This is the most effective method for passing the exam quickly. Start with the easier questions by attempting to answer half of the questions in each section before moving on to the more difficult ones. Check the part with the fewest number of questions attempted and begin solving there. Continue in this manner until the timer runs out. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. What is the full form of SBI PO? 
  • The full form of SBI PO is State Bank Of India Probationary Officer. 
  1. Give some tips on how to prepare for SBI PO Interview? 
  2. Interview Tips: 
  • Be well dressed 
  • Be punctual 
  • Be soft spoken 
  • Be relevant 
  • Be well versed in the financial and banking issues 
  • Be confident and maintain proper body posture 
  1. What is the significance of SBI PO examination in India? 

SBI PO is a dream job for many aspirants in India. We will learn about many strategies and tricks for SBI PO preparation in 60 days (about 2 months) in this article. This article will assist you in thoughtfully planning for the exam, staying on top of your preparation, and effectively using your time. The Probationary Officer position is one of the most sought-after in the banking industry. The Bank PO test is held once a year for the various Public Sector Banks across the country. SBI PO is the exam that gets the most applicants out of all of these Bank PO exams. The main reason for this is that the State Bank of India is the country’s largest public-sector undertaking.

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