How to Prepare for a Position in the Dubbo Job Market

How to Prepare for a Position in the Dubbo Job Market

Dubbo is one of the major cities in Australia, having the record for the largest population in the Orana Region of New South Wales. The growing central city is ideally located at the intersection of primary air, rail and road routes. The city’s economy lies in the diverse industries and vibrant services it offers to the people. There are over 4,500 registered businesses and offices, resulting in numerous employment opportunities and jobs in Dubbo. Industries including government, health, retail, education, agriculture, tourism, transport, and services are well established.

But having a population of over 60,000 residents, except for those who work in a heavy-demand career, finding a new job can be a frustrating and challenging experience. It is true, especially when one does not know the right place to look for jobs, do significant research and prepare well for recruitment. This article provides a short guide for job seekers to successfully obtain a position in a company they desire at any career level.


Have Clarity and Self Awareness

Applicants must mirror their desires, like- strengths and weaknesses, experience, potential contribution to the new company or the business, the kind of workspace and culture, the package, titles and promotion they seek etc. The better they know themselves, the more likely they find satisfaction in the new job.


Research the Target Companies and Positions

After being clear about what they want, one can now search for the jobs available in different companies. An excellent tip for finding new jobs in Dubbo is investigating the advertisements put on websites like Skillset. They provide an overview of the company culture, the position, location, responsibilities, required qualifications and skills with application deadlines.


Tailor the Resume for the Position

A resume is the job applicant’s critical tool in securing the job they dream of and deserve. The resume should be achievement-oriented, highlighting quantifiable awards relevant to the applied position and the company. Study the job description to make oneself the apparent fit, being truthful, when asked for job-related goals.


Cultivate, Build and Utilise Contacts and Networking

In addition to a strong CV, professionals must make sure to showcase their passion and expertise online on platforms like LinkedIn to interact with people from the field and create connections. It is beneficial to network online and in-person with people who know the applicant’s skills, work ethic and have a willingness to help them secure a job. They also help prepare for what is required in the job market. 


Be Organised, Develop a Narrative and Prepare for Job Interviews

People remember stories better than a string of qualifications and skills. Therefore, while preparing for networking or job interviews, one must create a narrative to demonstrate their talent, passion and achievements, turning their experiences into stories using the STAR format. Before attending the interview, develop responses for commonly-asked interview questions and be thorough with the answers. Preparation helps one to be comfortable.


Follow-up with the Companies and Hiring Managers

A quick thank you note via email, emphasising their interest in securing the position, job fit and the company will make a person stand out from other job seekers who do not bother to follow this simple courtesy. After the interview, following up with the hiring manager shows enthusiasm and interest for the job, which increases the securing of the job.

Maria Williams

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