Everything You Need To Know About The Distinctive Pink Jewellery

Everything You Need To Know About The Distinctive Pink Jewellery

Not very surprisingly, pink has been a dominant colour in the market, be it with accessories, makeup or even jewels. The colour is often associated with love, compassion and kindness. When it comes to diamonds, there are multiple choices with the colour, shape, etc., pink diamonds, though more common among women, make an excellent piece of jewellery. The diamonds with a pastel pink-tinge and calming hue blend an appeal of luxury, making them a uniquely romanticising piece. If you are looking forward to a new beginning or relationship, these pink coloured diamonds are the best to gift yourself.

What Does Pink Diamond Signify?

Pink gemstones are common only in a few countries. A majority segment of pink hue diamonds originates back in Australia. However, pink diamonds are notably rare as their output from the Australian mine is hardly 1%. The pink colour of this diamond is still a mystery. Pink gemstones symbolise inscrutability along with being the most romantic gemstone. Pink gemstones primarily signify feminism, playfulness and youth.

Colour choices

Another added benefit of choosing a pink gemstone, especially, diamonds is that you have a wide range of hues to choose from. On the dark tinge, you can find champagne red and pinkish-purple diamonds. Further, you can also find diamonds that have a shade of lilac or lavender. Going down the shade scale, you will discover pink and pink rose and other lighter hues. Whatever the shade might be, most pink gemstones go well with almost all other coloured jewels. Pink-coloured diamonds can blend perfectly with rose gold, silver and even platinum to give you an elegantly rich and radiant look. In search of a timeless accessory? You can shop for personalized birthstone necklaces that beautifully complement various shades of pink gemstones, allowing you to create a captivating and harmonious jewelry ensemble.

The Rising Value

Since pink diamonds are predominantly from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, they are popular in the country. However, amongst most other diamonds, the pink stone is the rarest. It eventually made its value higher. Gifting such diamonds to your loved ones signifies the compassion you share with them, making pink hue diamonds the most valuable gifts for special occasions like engagements, love matches, etc. On the bottom line, investing in these rare pink diamonds is one of the best long-term investments to make, as the value is only soaring to grow in the coming years.

Things to Look For

When it comes to buying diamonds, especially the rare ones like pink and black, there are certain factors to check out. Here are some of them,

1. The genuine pink

To begin with, checking the colour shade is a significant step. Though pink hue diamonds come in various shades and tones, it is essential to check if the diamond has a primary pink hue. The right pink gemstones will have a primary pink shade along with other shades of pink, be it light or dark.

2. The cut

The diamonds that are cut appropriately can radiate their natural colour without any flaw. On that note, diamonds with the traditional round-cut in the apt proportion can give the perfect finish. So, always remember to look out for an evenly finished diamond surface irrespective of the shape.

3. The clarity

The thumb rule is that pink hue diamonds of accurate quality are high in value. Though it is rare to find pink gemstones without any inclusions, you can look out for those with minimal ones. The higher the precision of the diamond, the more impeccable is its radiance and glow!

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