How to Outwit Your Opponent

How to Outwit Your Opponent

In the dark or broad daylight, in the bustling noise of the city, or on the far side of silence, adversity can catch you off guard from any corner. A friend can easily turn foe; your occupation can send you into deep waters with only your wits as your arsenal.

The US Navy SEAL epitomizes how outwitting your enemy is vital for victory. Taking inspiration from our brave soldiers, let’s understand how to outwit our enemy by listing five universal techniques to help you in every facet of life.  

See in the Dark Without Being in It

One of the trademarks of a Navy SEAL is their incredible vigilance. The key is to see in the dark without being in it. Adversity can strike from all corners; it is unpredictable. Hence, the only way to get through life is by being vigilant, informed, and prepared for anything that comes your way. With all the info you have, devise a strategy and identify the loopholes in your plan. Listen more and speak less. That is how you can master the art of seeing in the dark without being in it.

Perfect Your Craft

A part of “preparation” in any given circumstance is to be confident in your own ability. Polish your skills and become the best version of yourself. This will immediately help you gain the upper hand against whoever you compete with. Navy SEALs spent rigorous hours building their strength, discipline, and resilience to harness commitment and confidence during battle. Get your basics perfect; only then can you experiment with strategies and outwit your opponent. 

Patience Is Power

We underestimate the power of patience. Don’t let the opposition agitate you. Be patient for your enemies to play their cards right. Don’t rush to achieve a short-lived upper hand against them; let them make their move. In order to have the last laugh, you need to allow your enemy to speak first.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

There is a saying: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. If you have a competitor, your agenda is to know their weaknesses and times when they are most vulnerable; that is when you attack. Outwit them by diplomatically befriending them and extracting vital information. Before heading into battle, besides having clarity over the mission’s strategy, armed forces need to know precisely what they are up against to predict the worst-case scenario.


It is only normal for your enemy to be good at something you are not. What do we do in these cases? The key is to remain optimistic and believe in your strengths as an individual. Outwit your opponent with pure mental resilience. There will be setbacks hindering your trajectory, but don’t be afraid to fall back. The Navy SEALs have a motto, “Never Out of the Fight.” Live by this rule, and you will prosper. 

However, the success of using these tips and techniques will vary depending on the adversary you are up against. As former Navy SEAL Alexander Gray, in author Robert B. Marcus Jr.’s book, The Far Side of Silence, sets foot on an impossible mission, his expertise as a soldier is tested. Air Force One is shot down over the Mediterranean Sea; no survivors left. The new president signals the US Navy to prepare the Sigonella Naval Air Station on Sicily for an experimental operation to save the Russian president, who many believe is behind Air Force One’s demise. Will Gray be able to outwit the enemy and bring the traitors to justice?

Only one way to find out. The Far Side of Silence is now available on Amazon.

Derek Robins

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