How Scalpa is Training How To Removing Stubborn Permanent Makeup Without Lasers

How Scalpa is Training How To Removing Stubborn Permanent Makeup Without Lasers

We’ve all seen or heard of a bad tattoo that is calling for a laser treatment to be removed, but what about those poorly performed microbladed eyebrows or crooked permanent makeup eyeliner wings? Can lasers remove these too? The short answer is yes, but there are some factors that you should consider before deciding that laser is the right decision for removing permanent makeup. 

There are several reasons why someone may need a permanent makeup procedure removed, it could have been performed poorly from the start, the color may have faded into a different hue, or simply they just want it removed or changed up. If you are a permanent makeup artist, you’ve likely received clients for one of these reasons. You may not offer a removal service and either turn them away or tell them to come back after laser removal. There is a simple procedure you can now offer that can be even more effective than laser removal, it is known as salt and saline removal. 

Salt and saline removal is a process used to remove pigment or ink from the skin by essentially tattooing a saline solution into the area. When ink or pigment is tattooed into the skin, it remains in its liquid form and salt and saline removal helps to draw out that pigment through an osmosis effect. This process creates an open wound and leads to a scab formation on the area. The pigment or ink that was in the skin is now a part of the scab and as new cells grow, the scab eventually falls off, taking the pigment with it. 

While laser removal tends to remove more ink in less sessions than salt and saline removal, there are actually certain pigments that it cannot remove. Lasers are much more effective on conventional tattoo ink rather than permanent makeup pigments and this is because of certain ingredients within the pigment which can lead to darkening or color changes rather than the desired lightening. 

Let’s go over a few more benefits of salt and saline removal… 

Laser removal is more expensive running at about $150-$400 per session where salt and saline removal is typically around $70-$150 per session.

If you are looking to remove old brow pigment, the brows will have to be shaved before a laser treatment. 

Many clients steer towards salt and saline removal because of this reason. 

Laser removal poses a risk for hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation 

Laser removal can be color limited whereas salt and saline removal can remove all colored pigments

Lastly, this option can easily be added into your services if you already offer permanent makeup and own a tattoo or PMU machine!

If you are thinking of offering this service, it is important to become properly trained and certified to avoid any risks or complications throughout the process. Scalpa is one of the world’s leading companies for online training and supplies within the aesthetic industry and specializes in training individuals in all areas of permanent makeup including removal. 

Scalpa’s Salt and Saline Removal Training is a great option to begin learning as the course is all online and untimed so you can move at your own pace. 

The course is paired with a training kit full of all of the supplies needed to get started and is priced so you can make your money back in just 2-3 procedures. Within the course, you’ll find complete information on performing this procedure from start to finish. Alongside the Scalpa Salt and Saline Removal Training, Scalpa also offers over 50 other training courses including permanent makeup correction courses so you can start accepting those clients looking to correct their unwanted permanent makeup procedures.

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