How Long Do You Have To Keep An SR-22?

How Long Do You Have To Keep An SR-22?

How long do you have to keep an SR-22? If you don’t have a clue, this post is the eye-opener you can’t afford to miss.

Several states in the US mandate some motorists to hold SR-22 forms. But how long do you have to keep an SR-22 if you’ve just got one? There’re numerous requirements drivers have to fulfill to get an SR-22 filed.

But don’t get fooled!

There’s nothing glowing about being a motorist with an SR-22 among your documents. Also, since rules in place differ by state, you need all the info you can get. For example, California sr22 requirements may differ from that of Maine or Indiana.

Not to worry, though. With this piece, everything you need when it comes to maintaining an SR-22 gets full details. And with the set of facts you get, it becomes easier to keep the SR-22 without hassle.

The Effects of an SR-22 Penalty

Drivers requiring an SR-22 to drive may experience differing effects. But the first step usually kicks off with your local authority notifying you of the SR-22 penalty.

After the notification gets to you, contact your insurer for the next steps to take. You may have to pay a small fee to your insurer for the entire filing process.

But some other complicated cases may not be so straightforward. Not all insurers offer their customer a smooth SR-22 filing process. In such cases, drivers may have to cancel one policy and enroll with a new company. And it is common for such changes to attract extra costs. 

How Long Do SR-22s Last?

The duration a motorist has to carry an SR-22 form around depends on their state of registration and residence. In most cases, states mandate SR-22 drivers to hold onto their forms while driving for three years.

If you can take a breather from it, you will not have to carry an SR-22 forever. So, there is a high chance your premium payments will normalize soon after the holding period runs out.

But do not think an SR-22 cannot exceed its stipulated holding period. It can. When an SR-22 gets filed, there are certain legal lines an offending driver must not cross.

If an SR-22 driver with a certificate for one violation commits another, say a DUI, the certificate hold period extends. The stipulated period for this extension varies from state to state and offense to offense.

Also, there are some states where a violation during an existing holding period could mean a do-over.

Don’t get bothered anyways, as there are some effective methods to avoid an extension or harsh SR-22 do-over.

Maintaining Your SR-22

When it comes to proper maintenance of an SR-22, there’re a couple of ways to safely avoid an extension.

The first way is to keep your auto insurance policy active at all times. If your insurance company informs the state you’re keeping your premium payments constant, an extension is less likely. 

Secondly, you can avoid an extension on your SR-22 when you successfully evade accidents through the entire standard holding period.

Undoubtedly, SR-22 motorists get more gains when they can drive safely through the stipulated form possession period.

How to Maintain SR-22 in Both Scenarios

Defensive driving

When SR-22 holders focus on defensive driving habits and remain consistent, everyone gets spared extra work. Your insurer won’t have to pay for damages, the state won’t need to extend your filing period, and so on.

The best way for an SR-22 driver to get better on is to undertake safe driving courses. With these courses, it becomes easier to maintain a stellar road record through the form holding period.

Insurance premiums

Aside from safe driving, there’s a real possibility of bagging a massive extension from defaulted insurance policies. Maintaining an active policy could be an uphill task for some, particularly bad-credit drivers. But to get out of the SR-22 dilemma, you need to;

Engage policy review and rollover with your insurer

Make sure you take time out to consider your policy with the insurer of your choice. Motorists could get auto-renew active on their policies. With this automatic renewal, it becomes easier to evade SR-22 extensions due to premium defaults.

Prompt premium payments

Getting your premiums paid up in time is an excellent way to avoid SR-22 extension. And the great thing is, several payment methods are open to motorists.

There’s even enough freedom for drivers to tailor premium payments to their liking.

So, if you’re fine with per month, quarterly, or yearly payments, there’s a choice for you every time. Just make sure you select the right premium payment plan to avoid getting red-faced by an extension.

Final Word

Howlongdoyouhavetokeepan SR-22?

Through the valuable info this read has in store, you’re sure to never ask such a question any longer.

Making the most of your SR-22 period doesn’t come any better. And with time and correct practices, your premiums will get lowered before you know it.

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