How EffyDesk Became a Household Name Due to Their Ergonomic and Eco-Friendly Furniture

How EffyDesk Became a Household Name Due to Their Ergonomic and Eco-Friendly Furniture

Many brands and individuals are turning to sustainability to protect the environment, from saving energy to reducing waste. How does sustainability translate to furniture? Sustainable furniture is made from materials that have a negligible negative impact on the environment. The usage of limited natural resources like wood or synthetic materials like formaldehyde is responsible for significant damage inflicted on the environment. Canada-based EffyDesk, North America’s leading furniture brand, has introduced the world to stylish, sustainable solutions. 

EffyDesk has come up with an all-new closed-loop collection of furniture. Closed-loop recycling is an eco-friendly method of making products, wherein the systems produce next to no waste. Every piece of raw material used ends as a raw material at the end of its life cycle. The benefits of this process are apparent – absolute recycling prevents resource depletion. 

“Our time is limited, and so are our natural resources. Just like you, we’re taking big steps to work on reducing our carbon footprint so that we can enjoy this beautiful planet for longer,” says EffyDesk. Using innovation and cutting-edge technology, some of the most qualified experts in fields ranging from science to design came together to create EffyDesk’s prized new collection.

Already in high demand, it isn’t just the environmentally conscious lining up at EffyDesk’s doors. The new collection features everything from stylish recycled phone stands to sleek wooden cabinets. Easy on the eye, the furniture possesses a unique luxurious appeal. 

To create this eco-friendly lineup of furniture, EffyDesk has partnered with Vancouver-based ChopValue, a company that recycles chopsticks. Sharing the same ideals and values surrounding ecofriendliness, the two famous brands have launched their latest project in collaboration. “We know the brands where we can shop ethically and guilt-free. EffyDesk and ChopValue have gained a reputation for being the brands that care. And we’re proud to support them every time,” said one activist and long-time EffyDesk customer.

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