Famous Prosthodontists Dr. Tareq Burezq is One of the best in Kuwait

Famous Prosthodontists Dr. Tareq Burezq is One of the best in Kuwait

The world of dentistry has nine major subsets, with prosthedontics being one of them. Whenever someone is looking for more advanced dentistry, going to a prosthodontist is the best route to take. Dr. Tareq Burezq is a trained and experienced prosthodontist who has a practice currently in Kuwait. He has become increasingly regarded as being one of Kuwait’s best prosthodontists.

The main focus of prosthodontists like Dr. Burezq is the construction of artificial appliances to restore oral functioning. This line of work and focus involves the replacement of missing teeth. It provides suitable substitutes for crowns, as well as teeth replacements. Whether it’s one tooth or an entire set, Dr. Burezq can conduct a procedure in a professional and high-quality manner that will ensure the result is long-lasting and restorative. He wants to see every patient’s oral health restored as best as it can be.

In order to become a prosthodontist, Dr. Burezq first had to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery, which he did at the University of Missouri in the United States. After that, he spent three years focused on becoming a prosthodontist at Harvard University. It was here that he also obtained his Master of Medical Science.

Along the way, Dr. Burezq has also become a fellow in two organizations. He is currently a Fellow of the International College of Dentists, along with being a Fellow of the American Council of Dental Sciences. Additionally, he was awarded a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies at Harvard University.

Dr. Burezq is someone who enjoys seeing the best smile his patients can have. That is why he provides a diverse array of dental treatments and procedures. These run the spectrum and include cosmetic dentistry, bridges, dental implants, dentures, overdentures, prosthodontics, and teeth extraction.

Today, Dr. Burezq has had many satisfied patients who have come to him to get the smile of their dreams, while also improving their overall oral and dental health. It is easy to see why he has come to be regarded as one of Kuwait’s best prosthodontists.

Besides providing cosmetic changes that his clients desire, Dr. Burezq also focuses on helping those who have poor oral health. He regularly fixes malformations involving the teeth, gums, and jaws. He also places emphasis on prevention, so that his patients avoid having further problems. By treating oral diseases, he can support his patients as they go on their journey to better oral and dental health beyond his office.

Treating poor oral health, as well as preventing it from degrading in the future, are two very important actions to take if you want to ensure your overall health is a good one. This is due to the teeth, gums, and jaws being connected with other systems and areas of your body. Dr. Burezq can help with any issue involving the mouth. If you need professional and experienced help with oral and dental care, you can find Dr. Tarek Burezq in Salmiya, Kuwait in Asnan Tower. He will make sure you receive the best service possible.

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