How does music affect your persona and character?

How does music affect your persona and character?

Music is said to be a magnificent way to connect with others; it helps you convey your emotions by expressing them. It is a known fact that music impacts our mood during the day. For instance, if you listen to upbeat music, your mood will be uplifted into an energetic perspective. It can make you a cheerful person if you listen to pop music, it can make you a creative person if you listen to classical music, and listening to indie music can show you are an introvert.

All because of one chemical

It happens because there is a type of chemical that is responsible for you feeling a certain way. For example, dopamine is the chemical produced when you listen to music; according to, dopamine is “a kind of chemical responsible for delivering messages between the brain and various other nerve cells of the body.”

As music can affect your personality, know that as an avid music listener, your favorite rhythm can also affect your personality. It can make you know your character and can change your persona.

As claimed by the article, “Researchers have found that people who prefer certain styles of music tend to exhibit specific personality traits.”

Your music genre is a tool that creates your persona

Suppose you listen to a certain type of music genre every day. In that case, it will eventually affect your personality, which is further confirmed by Professor Adrian North of Heriot–Watt University’s study of how one’s music taste impacts one’s personality. For this study, he analyzed more than 36,000 people from more than 60 countries, gathered information about people, and proved the theory.

Producing music is a sign of creativity

Another fact is that if you produce music, you will see yourself becoming more and more creative. In making music, lyrics, melodies, and beats are essential because they will be needed to make a single price of music called a song. That is why when writing a song lyric, know that they have to sound firm, brave, kind, and independent, as it will help make your personality aggressive and courageous.

Music can be their escape for many people, as it will help them evolve into a better version of themselves. That is since the rhythm, beats, and lyrics can bring out the strength you have inside of you.

As music can change your life in only one day, know that soon you will become precisely what you are listening to; it can change your personality dramatically throughout your day. Listening to music shapes the person you are today.

The job of the producer

That is why producers need to make songs that help young kids and teens make progressive individuals. Brilyent Kelly knows that, so every piece he creates has the element of advancement so the listener can make the best out of everything they do. He has ten years of expertise which has made him work on various songs and with numerous artists, allowing him to be engaged in practically all kinds of music. He has worked with Pastor Troy, Beanie Sigel, Mr. Cheeks, and Slip n Slide Records, providing them with his skill set and elevating their songs to a new level. He knows that his fans are always looking for beats and melodies that will help them become a better version of themselves, which is why he creates what his fans want; he knows that it will be a smash. He graduated from Ferris State University with an Associate Degree in Music Business Management, which allowed him to learn the craft of songwriting and opened numerous possibilities for him.

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