Hood 2 Heights, An Expert Financial Services Firm, Aims To Empower Women Through Income Counselling

Hood 2 Heights, An Expert Financial Services Firm, Aims To Empower Women Through Income Counselling

Hood 2 Heights, a financial coach firm, is an informative platform that offers inspiration, hope, and drive for people to make changes in their lives and not settle for what is in front of people. Founded by Tanisha Jamison, the team at H2H truly believes that no one should allow their circumstances to dictate their future, and with hard work, dedication, and a vision, anything is possible. 

In today’s world, marginalized communities still face discrimination on the basis of their identity or status. They are not provided with enough opportunities while trying to make a living for themselves. Hood 2 Heights is on a mission to help people belonging to these communities become financially sound and free. Hood 2 Heights provides expert financial advisory services and has helped over a hundred clients through its resources. 

Tanisha Jamison grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in Cleveland. She was surrounded by an environment of doubt, struggle, and fear. She didn’t want to become something she would regret and knew that one day, she would see beyond those walls and make a life she would be proud of today. Although it was a difficult road, an alternative life was not an option for her. Success is within reach for everyone, no matter what you have been told or may even tell yourself. If you work hard enough towards your goals, you can achieve everything. 

The programs offered at Hood2Heights are curated from the desire to show women that it is possible to depend on themselves and not anyone else. By learning the process of earning money online, thinking like a millionaire, and speaking positivity into the universe, women don’t need to work a 9 to 5 job ever again. Hood 2 Heights is on a mission to empower women by helping them to depend on themselves through the right education, conversations, and services to become financially successful. By minimizing the impact of any doubts or socio-economic barriers that limit them, they envision the women they teach to achieve their dreams of financial wellness and live a life that exceeds expectations. Don’t wait for someone to pour into them what they can pour into themselves. People have the power to give themselves all of the happiness they seek and more. With a community behind them every step of the way, they are not alone in what they will accomplish.

Hood 2 Heights has also published a lot of self-help passive income books throughout the years which target varied income streams. Readers and aspiring businesses can acquire and purchase those books from the H2H website. Many people who have purchased their books, studied them thoroughly, and followed all the instructions and hacks religiously have written about their excellent experience and quick effective profit made from business as testimonials available on the website. With the roadmap, support, and tools provided by H2H, women have the power to adjust their destinies.

Derek Robins

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