Highlighting The Importance of Good Parenting in The Growth of Children with Tourette Syndrome – How Parental Support Made Luis Del Rosal, A Kid With TS, The Most Successful Children’s Book Author of All Time

Highlighting The Importance of Good Parenting in The Growth of Children with Tourette Syndrome – How Parental Support Made Luis Del Rosal, A Kid With TS, The Most Successful Children’s Book Author of All Time

Childhood is a delicate yet crucial period in which parents, teachers, and friends significantly impact a child’s development into a self-assured, well-nourished, and wise individual for a better tomorrow. Parenting and social assistance become even more sophisticated when a child is born with a condition. Unfortunately, unawareness of multiple syndromes, including Tourette syndrome, leaves victims with permanent scars.  

Tourette syndrome (TS) causes recurrent, uncontrollable “tics.” Tics are involuntary, so individuals cannot initiate or stop them. Children with Tourette syndrome are frequently bullied for their peculiarities and misunderstood due to a lack of knowledge about the disorder. Therefore, proper parenting awareness must be prevailed throughout to raise a child with confidence, not a kid with several insecurities.

Children with Tourette syndrome are no less than others. Only if they are given enough attention and love, they can conquer the world. And one that tops the list of successful people with TS is a successful children’s book author, Luis Del Rosal, who rose above his peculiarities and chose triumph as his fate only with the support of his parents, peer, and teachers.

A child with Tourette syndrome requires vigilant parenting. Frequently, parents must serve as educational advocates, service organizers, and emotional supporters. The tireless effort, unwavering support, and meticulous upbringing of Rosal’s parents enabled him to reach the pinnacle of his profession. They provided him with the necessary educational, societal, and familial support to stay on the path of his aim and to aid him in accomplishing it, thereby making his dream a beautiful reality.

Rosal had a struggling childhood. He was born in Mexico with Tourette syndrome on March 16, 1973. At the age of eight, he moved to the United States. Rosalyn was victimized throughout her school career. Despite obstacles, he studied journalism and graduated from Sweetwater Union High School in 1991. Rosal, an intelligent and adaptable student, learned computer and internet skills in the 1990s, a time when acquiring such skills was difficult.

Rosal began her career at age 16 in a department store and later at Red Lobster. Unwanted attention and workplace bullying destroyed and destroyed Rosal’s self-confidence. Nevertheless, he fought valiantly despite his weaknesses. With his courage and parent’s immense support, he overcame his eccentricities to work as a PBX operator, a reservations agent, and a front office clerk, all positions that required customer interaction. While working, he attended Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California. In 1997, Rosal returned to Spain to write books designed to improve children’s emotional intelligence.

Therefore, it can be said with utmost certainty that emotional support provided by parents can make the impossible possible for their kids. Rosal faced successive bullying events throughout his life, but it was his parent’s unconditional love, profound understanding about their kid’s peculiarities and support that instilled in him unshaken confidence. They made Rosal his life’s captain and his route to success’ navigator, guiding him wherever he required assistance. They conducted extensive research on Tourette Syndrome, consulted with doctors, took an active role in its treatment, helped him gain a deeper understanding of his condition, raised the awareness of his educational staff, kept a close eye on their child’s needs and problems, resolved them with their astute parenting skills, and embraced his creativity in the most appropriate manner. They instilled in him the capacity to appreciate and love himself as he is. They emphasized throughout his upbringing the importance of not holding grudges. Consequently, Rosal’s parents provided him with the self-confidence, optimism, encouragement, and emotional support he required to live a “normal” and prosperous life.

Not only did Rosal’s parents do an excellent job of raising a child who was bullied and mocked due to Tourette syndrome, but his school counselor also played a crucial role in silencing the bullies at school and assuring him that he would not be punished for something he could not control and should not be ashamed of. He urged him to inform other students that he was the counselor’s nephew in order to stop the bullying. Such actions by school personnel and parents may seem inconsequential. Nonetheless, they have an enormous and long-lasting effect on children and exponentially boost their morale, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Hence, the power of parental encouragement and appreciation in every step of life shaped Luis Del Rosal into an extrovert who enjoys interacting with people of all ages. He has not only mastered the art of intelligent conversation but also traveled extensively, conversing with various people and making friends while maintaining his dignity. Rosal has worked diligently in the classroom and advanced to the next grade with flying colors. In elementary school, he received numerous commendations for his exemplary behavior and exceptional work. Not only was he performing well academically, but he was also involved in extracurricular activities such as the band, PEP Assemblies, school dances, basketball, and football games. He also served as the manager of the Varsity Football team while blending in well with the other students. His peculiarities have never prevented him from being kind. Rosal chooses to overcome his flaws and become more empathetic and socially responsible because he understands how difficult it is for society to accept and value individual differences without making children feel like outcasts.

Rosal and his supportive parents have never allowed his syndrome to prevent him from leading a normal, prosperous, and happy existence. He lives in Oviedo, Asturias, in northern Spain, where he pursues a successful career as a children’s book author. His flawless proficiency in Spanish, English, and French demonstrates that Tourette syndrome has nothing to do with intelligence. In order to diversify his skill set, Rosal is also working diligently to improve his Italian skills.

Rosal has a valid driver’s license, is fluent in multiple languages, studies abroad, and works every day to make a living and live a happy life like everyone else. Although pursuing his objectives has been a struggle, he has overcome his eccentricities. Rosal preferred to be recognized for his extensive abilities and knowledge rather than his syndrome. His impressive record of achievements speaks for itself.

Rosal’s life and parenting abilities demonstrate that individuals with Tourette syndrome may respond differently to the physical, emotional, and social challenges associated with the syndrome. Hence, it is pivotal to be empathetic towards them, understand their needs, and cater to them with the utmost care, respect, and equality. Therefore, it is the collective responsibility of all members of society to treat them as they would want their own children to be treated.

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