High self-belief in his art led to the success of musician Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz.

High self-belief in his art led to the success of musician Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken, aka YB Stainz.

YB Stainz’s unaverred passion and determination to emerge as a musician helped him rise in the rap & dancehall music industry despite several setbacks.

In the field of arts, it is very important to possess self-belief and confidence in your art. As art is subjective, people may be dismissive of your art, but along with your passion and determination, you must also have the attribute of believing in your art. There are countless examples of artists who were rejected and told that their art is no good but still have scaled to the top with their high self-belief in their art. One such example is that of a musician, who kept up his self-belief and emerged as a dynamic rap & dancehall artist, he is Stephen Alexander Little-McClacken aka YB Stainz.

YB Stainz is an accomplished musician who has crafted hit songs like ‘You Gotta Get your Knowledge Up”, ‘Big Dreams”, and ‘Ten Toes Down’. He is a unique musician who encapsulates thoughtful messaging in his songs. YB Stainz hails from Toronto, Canada, and spent his childhood in a troublesome neighborhood. He was influenced into committing some illegal acts and has also been on house arrest. But in 2015, one morning he saw a dream, wherein he was making a music video, whilst singing and penning lyrics which were touching and emotional. This dream was so real that he considered it as a sign from God, to focus on his passion and utilize his talent for a better cause. This significant dream transformed the actions of the musician and he solely focused on creating good music. Initially, he found it tough to let go of the bad company, but his passion and determination to succeed as a musician powered through.

YB Stainz was heavily inspired by legends like 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, Kodak Black, Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Sparta, Masicka, and Tupac. He used to layout messages in his songs, sometimes metaphorical sometimes literal, and believed in his art. In the early phase of his career, he encountered many fraudulent producers, who deceived him. Then some dismissed his work and told him to find another field altogether. But this did not thwart the musician’s rise, as he worked harder and came up with layered songs that were lapped up by the listeners. His following grew as did the positive word of mouth for his songs, and YB Stainz emerged in the industry. He has since done extremely well as a recording artist and wishes to rise to the top of the rap & dancehall industry.

YB Stainz believes that one must neither stop believing themselves nor should get affected by anyone else’s judgment. His self-belief in his art led him to stupendous success as a musician. Connect with him on Instagram @yb.stainz and visit his website, https://www.ybstainz.com/.

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