Here are some essential TikTok tips to help your brand go #viral

Establish Your Target Audience and Carve Out a Niche

Each business has a particular story to tell. It assists in connecting your label with your target audience and also distinguishes your business, which gives it an edge over the competition. Still, even the most captivating story won’t succeed if directed to the wrong target audience.  Determining your target audience can assist you in tailor-making content that reaches your preferred demographic effectively. Once you have established your preferred demographic, research what sort of content they mostly touch base with, and then use that information to etch out your niche. To polish your brand and assist your TikTok account to be conspicuous, concentrate on your business’s niche. Make sure to remain distinctive in your niche by making use of your brand’s aesthetics and core values while engaging in hashtag challenges, pertinent trends, or networking with other TikTok accounts and videos.

Use Trends and Trending Hashtags

TikTok functions in a different way compared to other social platforms accustomed to. Take time to acquaint yourself with the platform and its analytics features, editing, and unique engagement. Making trending videos and utilizing trending hashtags that link to your content will further promote your content on the platform’s For You Page (FYP), eventually giving your content more coverage. Applying trending hashtags will showcase your content more recurrently in the TikTok algorithm.  This will also enable you to make contact with other active TikTok users in your targeted niche, further advancing your content across the app to the correct audience. Hashtag and video trends help the TikTok community to interact with each other, which plays an integral role when it comes to boosting your following. User engagement is critical, so remaining updated with trending hashtags, audios, filters, or views, is essential. Focus on different ways to push forward your brand identity using TikTok trends and buy TikTok followers. By taking part in widespread and pertinent trends, especially those that are in your business’s niche, you can push your TikTok and brand content directly to your preferred demographic.

Create Influencer Partnerships

Influencer advertising is an amazing and creative method to further your brand on TikTok. Teaming up with influencers can assist widen your audience base and increase the social proof of your business. In addition to that, the TikTok Influencer advertising sector has become among the most profitable and interactive forms of advertising in today’s digital landscape. No matter your target audience or niche, you’re almost assured to locate an influencer whose following lines up with your audience. Influencer brand associations and influencers can be the most effective ways to drive massive traction to a brand.

Some TikTok influencers reel in massive numbers, with paid promotions being quite costly. Still, you can begin with small-scale influencers whose charges may be a bit friendly. If you opt to progress with an influencer association, go for an influencer that represents the values of your brand and lines up with your niche. Linking your brand to a face can either assist or be detrimental to you, hence choosing the correct influencers to advertise your brand matters.   

Remain Consistent

Staying consistent is one thing any entrepreneur knows is key to the success of their business. This ideology is integral when determining your TikTok advertising strategy to grow an authentic and interactive following. Putting up content one to three times a day will assist you in quickly growing a substantial following for your brand. Although posting several times a day on the TikTok platform makes you appear tedious or redundant, posting consistently is integral as it helps you stay trending and pertinent on the app. Some strategies for holding yourself and your business accountable are making use of a planner or content calendar, batch-filming videos, and storyboarding your video perceptions.  Remaining consistent goes hand-in-hand with quality, so don’t slack on the video quality because it’s a reflection of your brand.

Tell a Story

Although consumers are enthusiastic when it comes to purchasing a product they believe in or love, tailor-making the narrative of your brand is the crux when it comes to securing a customer or audience. Telling a story that’s attached to your brand enables you, as the owner, to connect with your audience. Connecting a ‘story’ to your identity can assist you to link certain themes and narratives to your brand that reel in sales.

A fundamental principle to take into account is that the top TikTok ads don’t have a sales vibe.

If you want to be a success on TikTok, humanize your brand and attach an intriguing and relatable narrative.

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