Hanshi Premjit Sen – An Inspiration and a Legend in Martial Arts

Hanshi Premjit Sen – An Inspiration and a Legend in Martial Arts

New Delhi (India), July 8: Legends are people who make an impact on society and set up a benchmark for those who aspire to achieve a particular thing. Although Bengal is famous for producing sports personalities in the past, who had left their mark on youngsters who dream like their idols, it had also created a spark to achieve big amongst the budding sports person. Be it a cricket legend like Saurav Ganguly or a footballer like Bhaichung Bhutia, we all have looked forward to their charismatic and impactful personality always. But, have we ever thought that we would have a personality who will make an impact and inspire thousands of budding sportspersons apart from the glamorous game like cricket or football? That, too, in a game of “KARATE”?  

Yes, you read it right. And the one who did this is none other than Hanshi Premjit Sen. He is not only an inspiring sports personality in Bengal but also a successful administrator, holding the post of the President of the Karate Do Association of Bengal, which has got lakhs of Karate practitioners in all the districts of West Bengal.

Renowned as “Hanshi,” he epitomises excellence in the domain of martial arts. His remarkable prowess and notable accomplishments have catapulted him to the pinnacle of acclaim. Driven by an unwavering commitment to enhancing the martial arts infrastructure, he also contributes as an instructor, imparting his profound knowledge and skills to aspiring students of this revered art form.

Having clinched two gold medals in the esteemed World Cup of Martial Arts, he occupies the esteemed position of an ‘A’ Grade referee and judge for Kumite and Kata in the revered World Karate Federation (WKF), which is an official member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He holds that same portfolio at the Asian Karate Federation (AKF), which is an affiliate of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). As the first Bengali to achieve such commendable feats, he surpasses personal accomplishments alone. 

Demonstrated his technical prowess in official Government events like the 33rd National Games in Assam, the 34th National Games in Jharkhand, Khelo India University Games, World Martial Art Games in Switzerland, World Karate Championships, South Asian Karate Do Championships, or the Commonwealth Karate Do Championships, he had seen it all. And at the same time, he had inspired every karateka, not only in Bengal but in India, and made everyone realize the fact that “one should always aspire to dream big.” He has also embraced the responsibility of Treasurer in the National Martial Art Games Federation of India. He has also served in various Asian Karate Championships as well as the World Karate Championship for the last 12 years. He ardently believes that those blessed with abundance should reciprocate with society. 

Recently, he was conferred with the title of “TIMES BENGAL ICON 2023: Iconic Personality in the field of Sports – Martial Arts category”. This award was given by The Times Group for his exemplary contributions to the field of Martial Arts.

Accolades like winning this title had set a benchmark for all other sports that had not been in the limelight in the past. And yes, this achievement by him will always remain in the hearts of all the karatekas whom he represented on the prestigious stage.

He has produced several National, South Asian, Commonwealth, and Asian medalists. Currently serving as the President of the Karate Do Association of Bengal, he continues to shape the future of martial arts, leaving an indelible imprint on the discipline he cherishes dearly.

Raeesa Sayyad

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