Google Search currently shows which streaming services have specific games

Google Search currently shows which streaming services have specific games

Google Search will currently show you what cloud streaming services have a specific computer game, expanding on existing help for films, TV, and music.

For years now, Google Search has gone about as an aggregator of the world’s streaming services. To watch a specific show, you can utilize Google Search or Google TV to get precise data about what benefits it’s on. For example, searching for The Simpsons uncovers that the show can be streamed from a variety of apps, including Disney+ and Hulu, or bought from different stores.

In the last few days, Google Search has extended this capacity to incorporate help for video games. In any case, as opposed to including links to different consoles’ storefronts or to the numerous PC gaming retailers, Google is rigorously focusing on cloud gaming.

This checks out, given Google has a dog in the fight thanks to Stadia and Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream. Obviously, as you’d trust, Google Search isn’t just surfacing results from Stadia, with affirmed help for Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Strangely, the list of services appears to change between desktop and mobile. Searching for “Destiny 2” on Android just raises a result for Stadia, while a similar search on desktop shows both GeForce Now and Stadia.

However, saying this doesn’t imply that Stadia isn’t getting a smidgen of extraordinary treatment. On portable, when a game has a free preliminary through Stadia, the page changes the text from dark to green to show “Preliminary accessible.” Otherwise, Google Search just shows when a game is “Free” (like Fortnite on Xbox, or Destiny 2 on Stadia) or then again in the event that you can stream it with a “Premium subscription” (similar to the case for games on Luna).

Tapping the “Play” button on the Google Search results page launches directly into that service’s store in the application, if conceivable. This appears to function admirably for Stadia, however not for Game Pass which doesn’t appear to have link-based launching with respect to Android today.

We’ve thought for a few months now that Google was getting ready to aggregate cloud gaming services like this. Our earliest clue came when Google started setting up the ChromeOS launcher to show cloud gaming titles while looking. This might have appeared to be legit as an exclusive feature for ChromeOS, given the stage’s cloud-ready nature, yet it’s perfect to see this data be generally accessible.

Raeesa Sayyad

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