Google Chromecast with Google TV could be “Google’s New Android TV”

Google Chromecast with Google TV could be “Google’s New Android TV”

The new Google “Sabrina” gadget that showed up quickly in retailer postings a long time back, which we hope to be an Android TV unit, may have the strangest of names when it launches. The value Google appends could help divert us from that awkwardness, however.

As per internal Target systems saw by Artem from Android Police, the name of Google’s new Android TV gadget has evidently changed from “Sabrina” to “Google Chromecast with Google TV” and with a cost of $49.99.

The name of “Google Chromecast with Google TV” is the most abnormal of Google names, so it’s ideal. Google could be attempting to proceed with the line of Chromecast gadgets that individuals are so acquainted with, while additionally attaching Android TV.

Obviously, this would be Google re-branding Android TV back to Google TV, a name they disappeared from a long time prior.

They don’t disapprove of the name change back to Google TV, they’re recently worried that Google is selling the Chromecast experience here first, yet Google TV ought to be the sell, as it’s a genuine stage and not only a remote projecting innovation. Whatever, it’s Google and that value sounds decent.

At $50, this is the second time we have seen a retailer list this dongle at what might be a staggering worth. The first Home Depot posting for “Sabrina-Abbey” had a cost of $50, however Walmart went with $60. My cash would have been on $60 being the value point, yet here is Target evidently bringing down to that $50 mark.

In any case, purchasing an Android TV dongle (ideally with remote as well) for such a low cost will certainly help bring Google’s TV platform to the majority.

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