Good news for entertainers and athletes: Meta Credit Inc hates a sob story

Financial literacy describes the ability to fully comprehend and appropriately apply the essential financial skills of investment, budgeting, and management. In a nutshell, it describes your relationship with money; how well you handle money.

Financial literates are less predisposed to dubious financial schemes compared to financial illiterates. Being financially illiterate opens you up to the possibility of debt accumulation, bad credit score, bankruptcy, and loss of home due to foreclosure. These negative occurrences arise as a result of excessive frivolous spending and poor financial planning. Sadly this is the fate of most entertainers and athletes. Only a few among them are wise enough to put their cash to good use.

Finance shares an intimate relationship with sports & entertainment. Just as finance works hand-in-hand with sports, the same goes for entertainment. Money fuels these industries, and successful players get lots of it, most times at a very young age. Without a strong understanding of financial literacy, it all goes down the drain. Hence the usual sob stories of guys raking in hundreds of millions of dollars over their careers as entertainers and professional athletes, but we end up seeing them on TV years later flat broke. This is simply due to their inability to come to the understanding that when the money is not invested, it fizzles out.

That’s one sorry state no one wants to be in. That’s why it’s important one becomes financially literate. One way of attaining financial literacy is through the tutelage of a financial professional.

About Meta Credit Inc

Meta Credit Inc are financial professionals. They offer products and services which improve the financial literacy level of consumers. They are a reference point for financial education.

Meta Credit Inc by virtue of their various products, have been able to assist individuals in attaining significant milestones such as owning a home, running a business, and setting up education trust funds and retirement savings.

Meta Credit Inc clients comprise entertainers from the music industry and professional athletes from the NFL and NBA. They work closely with these entertainers and professional athletes to avoid sob stories by helping to prevent financial mishaps and ensuring adequate preparations for life after their careers through their top-notch financial advisory services. Their excellent service delivery makes clients committed to becoming enlightened and open to taking up preventive measures to avoid sob stories.

Meta Credit Inc was founded by Fox Pēna. An entrepreneur from New York City who also started out in the entertainment industry. He got signed to Capital records as a recording artist in his teenage years. He later went on to make his first million in a retail concept that he created while in his 20s and ran a successful fast-food franchise for 25 years. He’s also a real estate professional and investor with 25 years of experience. No wonder Meta Credit Inc hates a sob story.

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