Get to know Behnam Ashrafi, an Iranian actor, writer and director

Get to know Behnam Ashrafi, an Iranian actor, writer and director

Let’s read more about Behnam Ashrafi

Behnam Ashrafi was born on  18 , December  1996 and studied directing and acting

. Ashrafi is the director of the media of Henarnewsس

 He is one of the prominent Iranian directors at the international level and his films have received numerous awards from domestic and international festivals.

 Behnam Ashrafi was born on 28/9/1375 in Tehran.  He started his career in the film scene at the age of 12.

 He became interested in film-making by acting in the series “Parentzbaz” and made his first short film at the age of 17. His last film appeared in the short film “One Ten” in London and won the gold award in the London Short Film Festival.

 Films he has directed:

 1- Short film Commander of my heart

 2- Short film like a mother

 3- Instant Madness short film

 4- short film Satan and Angel

 5- Short film of pair of shish

 6- Documentary one tenth

 Recipient awards:

 1- The short film like a mother won the award for the best film from the eyes of the people

 2- The documentary one tenth won the best gold documentary award in the documentary section of the London Seasonal Short Film Festival

 Films in which he was assistant planner:

 1- Roozer Majnoon movie directed by Yasman Nosrati as assistant director and assistant

 2- Weightless movie directed by Mehdi Fard Qadri as assistant director and program assistant

 3- The movie Maya Tiger of Mazandaran directed by Hadi Rahimi

 4- Movie number 29 directed by Hadi Rahimi

 5- Mustache movie directed by Hadi Rahimi

 6- The movie One Day of Spring Vacation directed by Hadi Rahimi

 7- Black and white movie directed by Hadi Rahimi

 Films and series in which he acted:

 1-Pantez Baz series directed by Kyomarthpour Ahmad in episode 2

 2- The series of Negah Prokhena, directed by Saeed Saeedi, in three episodes, in the lead role of the series

 3- Mother movie

 4- Jafte Sheesh short film directed by Behnam Ashrafi

 5- Eshgh Nikan movie directed by Farnaz Amini

 6- Black and white movie directed by Hadi Rahimi

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