Geometric Art Master- Clifford Singer

Geometric Art Master- Clifford Singer

People have admired the art for many years, and it will never go out of style. There used to be aesthetics and drawn for beauty, but as times changed, it made a huge shift and turned to modern art. There are many artists that create contemporary art, which means work that expresses concerns rather than aesthetics.

When this huge shift occurred, the artist assumed that people would not appreciate it as much, but the response was astounding, and the artists who were still drawing for aesthetics took a turn. Furthermore, modern art may be created from a variety of angles and does not require a specific shape to be completed. Clifford Singer, for example, uses mathematics, notably geometry, to bring out the best in his modern art creations.

Real-Time Artist

Clifford Singer is an American artist that has been in the business for 45 years, which is a long time! Because of his extensive expertise, he has undoubtedly witnessed numerous changes in artists. He makes art from both an artistic and mathematical background, making his work really unique. His art creations are unique because he incorporates both principles, and each piece tells a distinct tale. He is well-known in the art world for his work in minimalism and geometric abstraction; he has created paintings, sculptures, prints, posters, and book covers, among other things.

His extensive experience has allowed him to collaborate with many well-known industry figures, including Larry Aldrich, Ronald Davis, Larry Bell, Robert Swain, Carlo Sequin, Herbert W. Franke, B.H. Friedman, Francois Morellet, Neil Jenney, Nicholas Krushenick, Kenneth Snelson, Tony Robbin, and many more. His artwork has also been published on other well-known platforms, making him well-known and famous.

Contemporary Geometric Art

Even if you dislike arithmetic, you will come to appreciate it after viewing the works of this artist. He is an Alfred University graduate who has had his work shown in several exhibitions and art events. When his artwork “Black Confetti. 1987” was presented at the Boca Raton Museum of Art in 1996, it drew a large crowd. Al Held is represented by this tight and exquisite painting. The taut lines tied to the canvas’s boundaries indicate sculpture, therefore it’s a two-dimensional painting. The painting is a lovely color combination that brings out the soul.

                         Clifford Singer. Black Confetti. 1987©. Acrylic on Wood. 21 x 36 inches

Furthermore, his work can be seen on many book covers, where he provides them a distinctive style by eradicating the old concept with his current geometric artwork. “Geometry has a firm base that is simple, ubiquitous, and simply accessible,” he says. In his works, he employs color fields, converging, diverging, parallel, or approaching asymptotically converging lines, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, and many more classical curves from both ancient and current mathematics.” As a result, his passion for geometry may be noticed in his artwork.

He is entirely redefining the art world with his one-of-a-kind work and concepts, in which he wants the worlds of mathematics and art to collide and give art a new meaning. As an expert in both professions, he works hard on his pieces so that none of the laws are broken but rather sewn in beautifully to create a meaningful message.

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