German Dolinsky – Position Yourself As A Leader To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

German Dolinsky – Position Yourself As A Leader To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

German Dolinsky is a well-known business coach and sales specialist who has worked with numerous people and businesses around the world. The story of Dolinsky began in the Parisian suburbs where he grew up to be a curious and hard-working individual. Dolinsky worked at a lot of odd jobs and always carried the spirit of trying new things and ideas.

Being successful often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Having a mentor is an amazing blessing to an entrepreneur, but not everyone can find one in person.  Dolinsky says no matter how many knock-backs and refusals successful entrepreneurs receive, they are always prepared to dust themselves down and find an alternative route to the summit. It’s this kind of tenacity that is required to take a business idea from the realms of the mind and transform it into a profitable business says, German Dolinsky.

Entrepreneurs lead the way. But positioning yourself as a leader is not just about having the right answers – odds are you won’t have the right ones in every situation. It’s more about knowing where to find the answers. You’ll have to make a lot of tough decisions in your new line of duty, so you need to have confidence in the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis he said.

German Dolinsky says fear of failure is one reason that many entrepreneurs fall by the wayside. Successful entrepreneurs view failure as a positive experience – something to learn from and overcome in the future. All entrepreneurs inevitably make mistakes along the path to success. But what matters most is that you own your failures and take full responsibility for the knock-backs and move forward quickly.

Below given is a collection of 5 all-time best pieces of advice to help you make it as an entrepreneur

1. Get Gritty

Grit is perseverance. Grit is the go-get-’em attitude that we expect of entrepreneurs. Grit is the ability to keep working when everyone tells you that you should give up. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be gritty. Honestly, without hard work and perseverance, you’re not going anywhere in the entrepreneurial world.

2. Think Differently

If you are unique you’ll probably think differently from the rest of the world. So, you will need to find different ways to solve the same problems. That’s the difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the world.

3. Fail Fast And Often 

If you’re a perfectionist, the idea of starting a business and failing can be especially terrifying. Don’t be afraid of failure. Experiencing lots of little failures is simply a part of life and business. In the end, failing fast and often will make you stronger. In fact, some of the most successful business ideas and companies were built on top of something learned from a previous misstep. Approach every failure as a valuable lesson.

4. You Must Act Fast

Talk only delays action. Successful entrepreneurs act. It’s easy to get wrapped up in planning, considering potential failures, discussing funding, and talking in meetings with board members. If all you do is talk, you’ll get nothing done. At some point, you have to halt the talking and make something happen.

5. Learn from mistakes. 

Many entrepreneurs point to mistakes as being their best teachers. When you learn from your mistakes, you move closer to success — even though you initially failed.

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