Garrett Mandigo Is A Pioneer In the Digital Marketing Industry Who Is Helping Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Businesses Scale

Garrett Mandigo Is A Pioneer In the Digital Marketing Industry Who Is Helping Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Businesses Scale

Social media is taking over the world and has been consistently evolving, with many different platforms being introduced to the public every year. This has created a surplus of opportunities for digital marketers and entrepreneurs to create massive followings and business outcomes for their clients.

The industry of digital marketing has been on the rise for the past few years and has given birth to many new names and faces.

However, only a few brands, entrepreneurs, and artists ever manage to make a mark in the colossal industry.

Amongst all these people, the one name that has been rising to the top of the list is Garrett Mandigo.
With a background in sales and marketing, Garrett Mandigo has shown his skills by scaling the growth of many entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses across multiple industries, sectors, and genres. 

He initially started his journey in the corporate world by running large gyms like LA Fitness and Gold Gyms.

With his sales and leadership skills he was able to successfully scale these franchises.

He also helped many small cannabis business owners in his career with this same skillset.

Throughout his career, Mandigo dedicated himself to studying and mastering the core values required to become a successful entrepreneur.
G-Money’s marketing strategies, techniques, and tactics have helped his clients reach the top in their respective fields, racing ahead many labels once thought to be unbeatable due to their Goliath-like stature over the industry.

But over the years Mandigo has enjoyed coaching and leading others to find success in their space. His talent management company has signed various upcoming hip-hop artists and are making key partnerships with industry tycoons as well as intelligently deploying large marketing budgets to quickly skyrocket these artists to digital fame.

Lastly, Mandigo is drawing a lot of attention from a lot of powerful people for one project he is launching: DisruptTV.

DisruptTV is going to be a streaming platform for influencers to host live shows and raffles that will help them to have a personal relationship with their fans and fund the pursuit of their greatest potential and passions.

Mandigo seeks not only to be remembered as a successful digital entrepreneur and marketer but also as an influencer, mentor, and coach who changed many lives for the better.

Derek Robins

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