Galaxy Buds Update: AI Live Translation and Android Auto Call Switching

Galaxy Buds Update: AI Live Translation and Android Auto Call Switching

Because they just function better within the ecosystem, Galaxy customers have consistently preferred Samsung’s Galaxy Buds line. An AI-based upgrade that adds live translation to the Galaxy Buds series further that idea. The auto-switching feature of Android is now finally available for the Galaxy Buds series when using different devices.

In general, Samsung’s 2024 message has focused heavily on AI. The Galaxy S24 series takes that and runs with it, utilizing the SoC designed especially to handle on-board artificial processing to provide a ton of productivity value.
The Galaxy Buds earbud lineup is now more compatible with the S24 series thanks to a recent update. It is not surprising that these functionalities appear to be exclusive to Galaxy users and restricted to Buds paired with Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Samsung’s interpretation tool is the update’s most notable addition. The idea is not too unlike from what Samsung accomplished with the Galaxy S24’s Live Translate feature, which lets you engage in intense phone conversations with someone who speak a foreign language. The only difference is that you’ll have to wear earbuds while the other person listens to your translated speech on your Galaxy phone thanks to this upgrade that adds AI-powered interpreter mode to the Galaxy Buds. Their voice will be translated into your choice language and played through the headphones.

Samsung also announces that the Galaxy Buds series will get auto switch. In essence, the feature makes Bluetooth multi-pairing simpler to use. Android will automatically swap the playing device when linked to two devices at the same time if a phone call comes in. This lets you answer the call without worrying about interrupting media playback on the other end or tampering with the active device.

This capability was first introduced by Google’s Pixel phone with the Pixel Buds Pro, and it functions flawlessly. When the audio changes, a notification is shown, and the other device resumes control as soon as the call ends. We have been waiting for Samsung’s own earbud selection to include this important feature.

The update now adds 360 audio for realistic TV listening and Samsung’s Auracast function. Samsung phones and tablets will soon be able to stream to numerous pairs of Galaxy Buds thanks to Auracast, which enables many devices to connect to one audio source. However, TVs will soon have the 360-degree audio capability, allowing customers to utilize their Galaxy Buds to enjoy simulated surround sound.

Samsung claims that this update will be available for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Buds 2, and Buds FE in late February, which is just a few days away.

Sanchita Patil

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