American Airlines is Increasing the Cost of Checked Bags

American Airlines is Increasing the Cost of Checked Bags

For the first time in more than five years, American Airlines customers will pay more to check a bag on their flights, the company said on Tuesday.

According to a press release from the airline, passengers will pay $35 for their first checked bag if they purchase it online or $40 if they do so at the airport. Prior to now, the airline charged $30 for the first bag checked.

Flights inside and between the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are affected by the change.

The airline reports that the cost of a second checked bag will increase to $45, from $40, whether it is purchased online or at the airport.
On domestic flights, the majority of AAdvantage credit cardholders will receive their first eligible checked bag free of charge, according to the airline.

Additionally, there is a $5 increase in checked luggage taxes for Canadian and short-haul foreign flights. Whether purchased online or at the airport, the first checked bag will now cost $35, and the second checked bag will cost $40.

The Fort Worth, Texas-based airline also stated that flights scheduled on or after Tuesday will be affected by the fee adjustments. The airline claimed that this is the first increase in bag prices since 2018.

The latest airline to increase luggage fees in an attempt to boost revenue is American Airlines. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has issued data showing that during the year ending in January, airline tickets decreased by an estimated 6.4%.

On American Airlines flights, there will be a reduction in fees for luggage that are slightly overweight. Baggage weight exceeding the fifty-pound restriction will now result in a $30 fine rather than the previous $100 one.

In an effort to encourage passengers to make direct reservations, the airline is also modifying its rules for those who wish to accrue points in its AAdvantage loyalty program.

When customers book directly with American and “eligible partner airlines,” or as an AAdvantage Business member or contracted corporate traveler, they will accrue miles and reward points. Additionally, customers can accrue miles and points by using a pre-approved list of travel companies that will be unveiled in late April. As on May 1st or later, tickets issued will be subject to this adjustment.

Tickets purchased at “Basic Economy” fares will only accrue points when made directly with American and its approved partner airlines, the company stated.

“We want to make it more convenient for customers to enjoy the value and magic of travel,” said Vasu Raja, American’s chief commercial officer. “Not only does booking directly with American provide the best possible experience, it’s also where we offer the best fares and it’s most rewarding for our AAdvantage members.”

Sanchita Patil

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