Galax Celebrates 20 Years with the Launching of the RTX 4090 Carbon Fiber Edition

Galax Celebrates 20 Years with the Launching of the RTX 4090 Carbon Fiber Edition

The Chinese division of Galax, one of Nvidia’s GPU accomplices, just turned 20 years of age and is sending off two new RTX 4090 cards to celebrate. One of the models is restricted to 50 units and accompanies a carbon fiber cover (through Videocardz). This exceptional version RTX 4090 — quite possibly of the best realistic cards — is a first with regards to illustrations cards, yet not so much for its carbon fiber material.

Galax’s twentieth Commemoration RTX 4090 highlights three fans, one of which sits on the backplate side à la the RTX 4090 Pioneer’s Version. There are two variations of this 4090: a white model and a restricted release dark model, which utilizes carbon fiber on the two-fan side. In spite of the fact that Galax is just making 50 of the dark carbon fiber cards, they’ll be sold for just somewhat more than the non-restricted release white 4090.

You could imagine that this is the principal GPU to utilize carbon fiber, however it really isn’t. MSI’s RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z from 2019 utilized carbon fiber everywhere, and EVGA sold a carbon fiber cover for RTX 20-series FTW3 cards that clients could purchase independently. Significant here utilizing carbon fiber like this is only for style and doesn’t really help cooling execution.

In spite of the fact that Galax’s new 4090 cards aren’t the main GPUs to highlight carbon fiber, they are quick to utilize a HDMI retimer. This piece of innovation guarantees signal respectability over a long HDMI link, and keeping in mind that it’s present in control center, for example, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it’s never been utilized for a work area designs card. Thus, go ahead and put your PC in one room and connect it to a television in another.

Assuming that you’re needing to get one of Galax’s extraordinary version RTX 4090 cards yet don’t live in China, you may be in really bad shape. The two variations will be sold solely on Chinese retailers like and WeChat, since they observe Galax China explicitly and not the brand in general. In any case, conceivable some will advance out of the nation, however they most likely will not be modest.

This may likewise be a last hurrah for the RTX 4090 in China, as U.S. send out controls become real one week from now that will forestall further AD102 GPUs from going to the country. Maybe that is one more justification behind the restricted release status of these Galax models.


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