Gabriel Caro: The Successful Executive Producer From Argentina

Gabriel Caro: The Successful Executive Producer From Argentina

As much as on their social media you can see many luxuries, exotic cars, money, and world-class artists, their origins are from a humble and hardworking family. Born in 1982 and raised in the Piedra Buena neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gabriel Caro started in music in 2009 co-founding one of the best-positioned companies in the art industry known as Artillery Music along with 3 globally recognized producers: Nelly “El Arma Secreta”, Haze and Tainy.

Gabriel Caro is recognized in Latin America and around the world for his constant links with public figures and artists in the music industry. He has been responsible for the creation of many hits and brilliant careers of internationally renowned artists.

Is Teamwork Really The Key for Success?

“Definitely yes! These days it’s very complicated and too time-consuming to be successful on your own. Everything is based on a solid network of contacts and having support from different sectors, it is essential to have a team. With Artillery Music we have a lot of people working day by day to make our artists successful and constantly progressing,” said Gabriel Caro.

What Has Been Your Greatest Achievement in Your Career?

“In 2010 I organized a solidarity event for my neighborhood in Piedrabuena, where we were supported by none other than the renowned international artist Daddy Yankee, where we were able to donate 5,000 kilos of food. It was a total success, and having the opportunity to do this for our neighbors and our community was very rewarding and moving,” said Gabriel Caro.

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