From visualising goals to helping you achieve them, the lesser-known benefits of yoga for entrepreneurs

From visualising goals to helping you achieve them, the lesser-known benefits of yoga for entrepreneurs

Tracing the career journey of new-age entrepreneurs like Ritesh Aggarwal to veterans like MukeshAmbani, one thing is certain – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurship. While some entrepreneurs are born gifted, others have to acquire and hone their skills. However, in either case, their success is the fruit of a series of efforts. But the twist? One can gain business acumen through ancient Indian practises like yoga and meditation.

Apart from its health benefits, yoga enables us to visualise our goals and strengthen our intuition on a professional front as well. “It is essential to ensure that this goal is quantitative in nature, that is, it can be measured in terms of time,” says the Himalayan Yogi, Grand Master Akshar. In addition to this, an amalgamation of asanas and breathing control exercises is said to improve one’s communication skills and fluency in speech – traits that are crucial for an entrepreneur.

While entrepreneurship can be a lucrative career, overwhelming stress and anxiety can be a major deterrent for many.Once again, this is where the role of yoga comes into play. In this regard, there can’t be an example more apt than the Forbes-featured entrepreneur Lizzie Brown. Having been practising yoga for more than a decade, she cites it as the key in helping her gain focus, manage stress and maintain her productivity at work.

On the other hand, active yoga practitioner Rajat Khare draws an interesting parallel between yoga and life in general. “When you have your back against the wall, that’s when you give it everything to come out unscathed. This is a common situation that people face in their day-to-day life and only the ones with a strong mind-set are able to bloom amidst the gloom,” he wrote on his Facebook page –Rajat Khare-Yoga.

The power of yoga goes beyond the physical and spiritual aspects.It has the potential to channel every good thing in us. So folks, wise up and embrace yoga as a part of your lifestyle!

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