FREIHAT TWINS – Biography and Their LifeStory

FREIHAT TWINS – Biography and Their LifeStory

Zeed Freihat and Omar Freihat are twin brothers Both are born on the 6th February 1998 in Jordan and they bred from the Country’s Australia, Romania, and Hungarian. They started music at age 13 as singers and rappers. They are Singing, songwriting, and dancing. Both are can speak the English language, Romanian and Arabic as well.

Within the first decade of their career, Freihat Twins released 1 Album ” This Or Nothing “, Freihat Twins’Twins’ top hit was “ Is Ur Heart Still Beating?”. Freihat Twins have been writing, singing, and producing music since they were 13 and since have been ambitious to bring and share to the world an overlooked feel-good genre.

They were representative on the X-factory TV show in 2015.

Producing music filled with genuinely in hoe to aspire. This is stemmed from their immense dedication and passion for music. And through hard work and humble patience. 

They believe that they can transfigure the music industry within Today’s modern orthodox. With recognition and love-sharing to both our fans and listeners each step of the way. Subscribe for the latest official music videos, performances, and more

Freihat Twins have another passion and skill up their sleeves, being the proud directors and owners of ‘Twin Barbers‘ with a love and passion towards barbering behind the scenes. Located in Melbourne, Australia 4/640 Elizabeth Street.


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