Founder of Smarter Circle and a Youngest Digital Expert – Ishu Preet Singh

Founder of Smarter Circle and a Youngest Digital Expert – Ishu Preet Singh

Ishu Preet Singh stands currently as the founder and CEO of “Smarter Circle” the rapidly growing company in the world of digital marketing. On account of the development in many fields of science and technology and similarly, since the marketing switched to digital platforms so many names in our country India emerged and proved as the experts of the field. One such name that now stands out among top digital marketing specialist is Ishu Preet Singh. When it comes right down to online marketing, this young boy has won an exceptional highest due to his determination, hard work, and unwavering perseverance.
Ishu Preet Singh comes from Kashmir – the world’s highest militarized and conflict zone. Where every next day they have to face business shutdown and internet blockade is a routine there. Even amid such predicaments and disturbing situations, Ishu Preet Singh through his dedication and skills has emerged as successful and a role model for thousands if not millions of the digital marketers and entrepreneurs. Due to such hard work and dedicated approaches his company stands as India’s fastest growing digital marketing company.

Ishu Preet’s grew fond of the digital world at the very early age of 12. When children of his age were busy is childish activities, Ishu was determined to make his way into the digital world. With time, when he was just 16, he founded his digital marketing company “Smarter Circle”.

Ishu Preet’s gaining expertise in the field of digital marketing has made him conquer a larger proportion of customers. Through his honest approaches and promptness to his work had led him to create a wide network and profitable market. Ishu Preet believes not merely in skills but in the combination of analytical pondering and creative problem-solving approach to take businesses to next level.
Throughout his career, Ishu has been providing excellent services to their clients that have made his company surpass its competitors. His expertise in different internet platforms has helped him to grow his business. Currently, his company is serving incredible work to its customers.

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