Finding Your Calm – How to Parent Through Your Child’s Illness

Finding Your Calm – How to Parent Through Your Child’s Illness

As parents, we are inclined to protect our offspring from anything that may potentially harm them. We promise ourselves that we will never let anything happen to them. But unfortunately, in life, there are some matters which are beyond our control. What happens when an unforeseen illness takes over? How does one keep their calm for themselves and their child? Let’s discuss.

Educate Yourself

Before losing sleep over the illness, think about the worst that has happened, and educate yourself. Knowledge can truly be empowering and help you decide on a viable action plan for your child. Take time to research your child’s illness, the do’s and don’ts, and prepare accordingly.

Next, prioritize researching the various treatment plans, side effects of each medicine, etc. These steps will help you take action instead of staying in a state of limbo of your intrusive thoughts.

Talk About It

That being said, knowing your child is suffering can be an extremely daunting experience. That, stacked up with the pressures of your professional life, can skyrocket stress levels. Parents are superheroes for their children, but even Superman needs Lois Lane to offer support when he feels blue. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend, someone from your family, or your spouse for emotional support. Share your burden with people going through a similar predicament as yours, and perhaps they can help you better plan your recovery journey.

Look Out For Yourself

Remember, you can’t be there for your child if you aren’t there for yourself.

Taking care of your child can be physically and emotionally draining. It is essential to take some time for yourself. Spend five minutes of your day meditating to quiet the chaos in your mind. Ensure you get enough sleep and eat well, which will help you recharge your emotional battery for the day ahead.

Consult a Professional

This is arguably the most crucial aspect on our list. While researching, make sure you opt for a qualified medical professional. Look through their portfolio and try to consult a doctor referred to by someone you trust. Having a reliable source to care for your child can relieve considerable stress.

Stay Positive

Lastly, even in hardship, you must remain positive. Sometimes things won’t go your way; perhaps the medical report won’t show progress, or your professional life will take a toll on your mental health. In times like these, the best thing you can do is remain positive for yourself and your child.

In Patricia Skipper’s book Deceptive Calm, the protagonist, Vanessa, struggles to see the grass greener on the other side. Her child has sickle cell disease, which can be fatal.

In her childhood, Vanessa had survived her own plights, experiencing an abortion, a Ku Klux Klan attack, and racism. She donned the identity of a deceased white baby and went on with her life. Knowing that sickle cell disease is primarily common among Black individuals, her husband seems to have caught on to the deception.

It’s important to remain positive in times of adversity like these, but can Vanessa keep her Deceptive Calm? Find out by clicking on the link!

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