Fayaz Yasin Fahim, A Rising Musician who representing his country on an international platform

Fayaz Yasin Fahim, A Rising Musician who representing his country on an international platform

Fayaz Yasin Fahim is professionally known as Bangladeshi Musician. Besides that, he is a Composer, Producer and Musical Entrepreneur. His fans and audience are not only limited to Bangladesh besides having a strong presence in India, Nepal, Pakistan, and other countries. He is a top ranked iconic musician in his country. He is also featured on top of Bangladeshi Newspapers like Jago News, ATN News, The Daily Star, NTV, RTV, Ekushey TV etc.

Fayaz Yasin Fahim (Born 06 January 1998) is a multi-talented Bangladeshi Musical Artist who was born in Comilla District. He is a young, kind heart, honest, multi talented musician, and composer who conceived and raised in Dhaka city. Fayaz Yasin Fahim has come to discuss in social media and another international music platform after releasing his first musical album named “Rise Up”. After a few days he released another album “Take Me” and the single “Late Night” which took place in everyone’s heart. From his childhood, Fayaz Yasin Fahim always liked to be with music and song.

From a young age, he got a lot of popularity and his music was profound to his fans. Fayaz Yasin Fahim has been encouraged and inspired by his family throughout life, and he strives to give back to his fans and customers. He loves to make them happy and this is what is most important to him. Currently,He is studying BBA in National University of Bangladesh. He is a bright student from his childhood. He handles his Study & Music side by side very nicely.

Fayaz Yasin Fahim came from a well known family. In his early age he started to think about music and show his creativity in the music section. He studied in National University and did graduation. After his graduation he started to work with music with full potential. Fayaz Yasin Fahim started his journey as an Musician in 2018 and since then he has an Official Artist Channel in YouTube. He has worked on several television musicals and documentaries before introducing himself as a talent. However, as he is still a student, he sometimes finds it difficult to balance his work and studies. Fayaz Yasin Fahim is the new inspiration for the young millennial. Participation of the young generation in the music industry of Bangladesh has always been optimistic.  New artists always give the audience all the great songs. One such young Musician is Fayaz Yasin Fahim

Fayaz Yasin Fahim has established himself as a successful Musical Entrepreneur, Artist, Author and  Digital Marketer. Fayaz Yasin Fahim, A Young Musician with Passion and ability to prove himself, recently got a verified badge on popular music platforms like spotify, deezer, apple music, youtube artist channel, and many more. Released his first single which was ”Rise Up” which was a big hit for him and later ” Break Up” , “Moment” and ”Late Night” was his latest release. Fayaz Yasin Fahim is working on a project in collaboration which will be released soon.

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