Fashion Model Touseef Panchbhaya Aka Tigerteeh is always a pursuit of Excellence

Fashion Model Touseef Panchbhaya Aka Tigerteeh is always a pursuit of Excellence

More often than not, fashion is associated with women more than men. But in recent years, the trends have changed and you can see an average Indian male investing in fashion. Today, men’s fashion is one of the most talked about and searched topics on the Internet. In this regard, fashion influencers like Touseef Panchbhaya are ensuring that the fashion-conscious men remain updated about the latest buzz in the fashion circles.

Touseef Panchbhaya:

Touseef Panchbhaya was born on December 27, 1987, in a town called Ankleshwar, a city and a municipality in the Bharuch district in the state of Gujarat, India. he spent his childhood and early teens there till 2002. He did His studies in Mumbai. School never interested him, he went there just because my parents wanted me to but never paid much attention to him.

Since childhood, he knew his family would be coming to America someday. So, on April 20, 2005, it finally happened. My long-awaited dream, the day he  had waited for years, came true. As soon as he landed there, he could see how different everything was. A big cultural shock hit me. He attended high school for about four months because he had to.

He was a dock worker from 2007 to mid-2008. The top 3 managers of the company got really impressed by my work ethic. Then they offered me a job as a Korean air agent. He worked from 2008 to January 2015 as a weight and balance loadmaster and RSA regional sales assistant. He grew slowly, working hard to be the leader just as he dreamed.

Touseef Panchbhaya, In 2014, suffered from shoulder surgery and had to take off from work for a couple of weeks. And this particular break made me realize that he was nowhere close to the dream that he saw as a child.

One of his good friends supported him and would help him buy the products on credit, then after he sold the product, we eventually divided the profit between us. Gradually his business started to grow and blossom.

Touseef Panchbhaya, invested the money he earned from selling supplements for two years and started his own clothing line, a brand. A stylish gym brand. He has always been into style and fashion and fitness too. Everyone wants to look good and stylish while working out, too, keeping comfort in mind.

So in 2016, he started his brand Kardio Matters. His appetite for achievements and growth grew bigger with the passing of time. He started aiming for bigger goals. He sacrificed a lot, but that sacrifice was worth it. His hard work paid off, and all the setbacks led him to his destiny.

Touseef Panchbhaya, As of right now, he is working on his second clothing brand Tigerteeh lifestyle brand where you can access fitness clothes and daily Streetwear. To spread motivation and show you all that just because you come from a small village doesn’t mean you can’t touch higher heights.

Everything is possible if you have consistency and stubbornness for what you desire. He wished to grow even more and bigger so that he not only could fulfill my dreams but also he could help people. The ultimate peace he gets. Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others. And if you ask what the secret to success is, he will say be humble, and hungry. The hunger to achieve more, live more, believe more.

He always wanted to be termed as the “workaholic” one in the group, which has always made him prioritize work over everything else. Also, he makes sure that he does not miss out on the essential parts and moments of his personal life. Catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, trying his hands-on gardening, treating himself with home-cooked food and once in a while getting a spa or a foot massage or a swimming session are his ways of bursting the stress bubble and resetting myself after toiling away for a week.

As for remuneration, apart from the monetary and exciting returns, Touseef understands that “every moment is exciting when you turn your passion into a profession.”

Such words of wisdom, coming from someone so young, are indeed golden!


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