Famous Turkish musician Tuanna Gurdal set to release a surprise song

Famous Turkish musician Tuanna Gurdal set to release a surprise song

Turkish music sensation Tuanna Gurdal is getting ready to drop a surprise song! Tuanna, whose songs have millions of streams on Youtube, has begun to get ready for a surprise new song that will wow her admirers. Her fans have been patiently waiting for her music, but the wait is finally over as she is set to stun her fans with a new mind-blowing song.

Born in Azerbaijan on May 2, 1992, where she was nurtured and raised. She has performed songs in, Turkish, French, Hindi, Punjabi and English. Despite being born in Azerbaijan and having a Turkish background, she has been very fond of Bollywood music. Since she was little, she has loved Bollywood music and movies and she has contributed significantly to her profession since she was 16 years old. Tuanna learned music from her mom who is a Turkish Music teacher

Her stunning voice and introspective lyrics have made her a well-known performer mesmerizing a global audience. The musician, who never stopped developing, performed in Amsterdam, Poland, Japan, Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, India and Nigeria. Her songs “Tak Mera Jalwa” and “Nedey Nedey” have received millions of views which is not an easy feat. She is also known to be an excellent team player as she has performed in over 1000 shows with her partner Vivek Nambiar, an Indian composer, vocalist, and music producer who resides in Dubai. It was Vivek Nambiar who motivated Tuanna Gurdal to create Turkish-Bollywood fusion music.

Following the success of her previous songs that are still trending massively, she has rolled up her sleeves for a new song that would be a joy to hear and the world is about to witness the release of her eagerly awaited tunes, which will undoubtedly positively cause a worldwide uproar.

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