Down To Earth-A Deep Dive into The Floating and Grounding Modes of Mind

Down To Earth-A Deep Dive into The Floating and Grounding Modes of Mind

What are you grateful for in life? And what do you wish to be grateful for in the near future? The connection between gratitude and manifesting your goals to fruition is stronger than you think. A mind is a machine coded to construct thoughts; these thoughts only gain substance once you acknowledge and act upon them. Some keep you grounded and focused on your goals and aspirations, whereas others either inhibit your resolve or float you away from them.

Discuss these modes of mind and how they are vital to our success.

Fleeting thoughts

The floating mode of the mind is uncontrolled—kind of like the house floating away from Paradise Falls in the movie Up. The mind requires you to steer your vessel back to the course it needs to be on. The mind tends to ponder your serotonin-filled experiences and moments of indulgence and craves more. The craving, however, is never-ending; even if it becomes satisfied, the satisfaction is short-lived, and the craving returns. You will never seek true happiness until you are present and grateful for the now.

Constantly being in the state of floating affects your performance as an employee, student, and even partner. The past and the future are constructs, whereas the now is the unarguable truth. The goal is to ground your mind back to it, and gratitude is the force that pulls your mind back to where it needs to be.

Back to Earth

The cure for a floating mind is to ground the brain. The idea may seem abstract at first glance, but the truth is that we forget that our mind is not us; it is merely an organ that is programmed to ensure our survival. Every firing synapse and neurotransmitter in our mind has the sole purpose of conjuring up thoughts; however, not every idea has to revert to our primal tendency to survive. As a result, we panic and enter fight or flight in situations that are not inherently threatening and those that require a calm presence. This is because we sometimes give in to unrealistic and unfounded fears by giving them importance.

Grounding your mind imparts control to reverse the effect left by the raging modes of your mind. Bring your mind back to reality and the situation to seek rational solutions.

Grateful for today

Being grateful for your blessings helps you acknowledge the present and what you have achieved as an individual so far. It gives you a sense of sufficiency and motivation to tackle difficult situations, which may lead to a floating mind.

Gratitude also manifests positive emotions and calms the mind up against pressure situations. So the next time you feel your thoughts floating, channel your inner Carl Fredricksen and steer the house containing your dreams and determinations back home.

In his comprehensive book, Program Your Mind, Gohar Yasin Chaudhary talks about the mechanisms of the mind that lead to the grounding and floating modes. He goes in-depth on these concepts and how to regain control of your mind using concepts like the Gratitude Grid.

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Rakhi Kale

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