Factorio update improves latency for good and bad internet connections

Factorio update improves latency for good and bad internet connections

Some players have reported lag in Factorio for years. Lag continually appeared honest to Pine Tree State given the sprawling, advanced bases you’ll incorporate the sport, however the newest patch would possibly build things higher. Version 1.1.46, free this weekday, makes many changes that ought to scale back multiplayer latency.

There square measure a bunch of bug fixes within the full changelog, however the latency tweaks square measure the massive ones:

Reduced multiplayer latency on superb connections by up to 66ms(4 ticks).

Changed multiplayer latency calculation to be electric sander. this could scale back multiplayer stutter on unhealthy connections.

Changed default network send rate from thirty to sixty packets per second Associate in Nursingd adscititious an choice to assemble the speed in server-settings.json.

The top one is that the most attention-grabbing. The patch notes link to the current post on the Factorio forums from 2019. A player noticed that latency was unco high even on exceptionally sensible connections; even, in fact, once 2 instances of the sport were running on a similar pc.

At the time, Factorio’s developers same that, “[latency] may well be lowered a small amount, and that we may in all probability give Associate in Nursing choice to send packets each tick, however resolution this is not an enormous priority currently, as we’ve the latency concealment and alternative issues.

“One day, we would try and look into that.”

Well, currently they need. A developer updated the thread in Gregorian calendar month to mention that, “The issue is sort of elementary to however the sport synchronizes it’s game updates, network updates and the way things square measure buffered. Hornwitser took a glance at at the numerous problems inflicting unnecessary delays. In Version one.1.43 you must see latencies as low as a pair of ticks (33ms) on local area network.”

So if you have been troubled for years to play Factorio with a pal, even once you have each got mega connections, provides it another go currently. it’d work.

Sneha Mali

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