Dune Producer Confirms part 2 can begin filming in July 2022

Dune Producer Confirms part 2 can begin filming in July 2022

The half of sand dune can begin picture taking in summer 2022, a year before it’s set to premiere in 2023 completely on theaters.

Dune: half 2 can begin picture taking on July eighteen, 2022, a producer for the film has aforementioned, in step with The Film Stage newsman tantalize Encinias (via SlashFilm). Encinias detected the picture taking date once he attended a special screening and Q&A session hosted by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation this past Sat in la.

Dune grossed $41 million in its gap weekend, setting a plague record for Warner Bros. that is additionally considering that sand dune was at the same time free on HBO grievous bodily harm for no additional value. As of Gregorian calendar month eight, sand dune has grossed virtually $84 million domestically and $246,500,000 internationally in step with BoxOfficeMojo.

Dune: half 2 has a political candidate unharness date of Gregorian calendar month twenty, 2023, completely in theaters. Villeneuve is ready to come as director. sand dune was found out as a multi-part series, and half One ends with Paul and mother Jessica Atreides finally linking up with the Fremen, putting in place a noticeable next installment.

Encinias additionally rumored that director Denis Villeneuve aforementioned there’s no extended cut of the film, which the sole version of the film is what created it to theaters and HBO grievous bodily harm. And in an exceedingly far more strange little bit of triviality, the guttural roars of Dune’s picture sandworms were created by the direction sound editor Mark Mangini swing alittle mic down his throat and creating noises. moving-picture show magic, y’all.

The script for Dune: half 2 continues to be within the works, though, in step with associate earlier comment from Villeneuve. musician Hans Zimmer frame, however, has already created concerning ninety minutes of latest music for half 2 to assist Villeneuve as he writers.

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