Extremely Talented CEO of XPO – Lotanna Ezeike

Extremely Talented CEO of XPO – Lotanna Ezeike

This era is responsible for the great extent of social media and deals related to it. Marketing platforms try to help small businesses increase sales by connecting them to content creators.

However, who is on the side of the influencer?

Here’s XPO run by Lotanna Ezeike, a company that pays influencer invoices in 24 hours instead of 30 days. Co-owned by Tomi Aiyeola, Franck Name, and Ahmad Karkouti.

They pay creators 90% of their invoices instantly. This way they never have to worry about late invoices again. Normally, influencers have to wait up to 120 days to get paid!

Lotanna says that showing empathy and helping influencers get paid quickly is what boosted XPO to #1 on the UK AppStore for “Influencers”.

They started off by building a platform that connected influencers and brands. Then came to realize that the real pain point was for creators was getting invoices paid on time. So they doubled down and are growing exponentially.

Derek Robins

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