Evadore is a ReFi project with reducing emissions to zero

Reducing emissions to zero

The Evadore is a leader in reducing emissions to zero and helping to achieve the goal of a carbon-free world. Evadore is an Ethereum-based blockchain network project, which was created to minimize the carbon emissions in our world and to completely eliminate it in the sectors that have the opportunity.

Supporting renewable energy projects plays an important role in preventing the use of fossil fuels. The Evadore Foundation exists from today to tomorrow, both to ensure that renewable energy sources are used properly and to show where humanity will start when it wants to help the world.

Why Regenerative Finance?

ReFi is a financial system that aims entirely at the betterment of the world. The damages caused by global warming and the damages caused by humanity to nature and animals are increasing day by day. That is why Evadore will launch a global movement with ReFi, helping countries to fully centralize their economic systems and state management systems under ReFi. Governments have finished their preparations to move to the ReFi economy system and are ready to act. Leaving them all aside, we need to start healing and saving the world from these damages as soon as possible for our future generations and our future.

Social justice and environmental sustainability

Regenerative finance is a financial approach that focuses on the principles of regenerative finance that can be applied to blockchain-based financial systems to ensure that they promote social justice and environmental sustainability. For example, blockchain-based financial systems can be used to facilitate the development of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and clean transportation projects. These projects can be funded through decentralized crowdfunding platforms that allow people to invest in sustainable projects that align with their values. Using blockchain technology, it is possible to create a financial system that supports sustainable development and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

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Organization: EVAdore
Contact Person: Timothy Walker
Website: https://evadore.io
Email: info@evadore.io
Address: United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom

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