Essa Lootah The Bukhoor Tycoon

Essa Lootah The Bukhoor Tycoon

Agarwood Oil and Oud Trading is no joke. The business requires high precision, patience and a lot of technicalities are involved pertaining to Agarwood and Oud mixtures in particular. In the Dubai city in UAE, Essa Lootah has been handling and running this business for many decades. His family is well known in this business, For making the best traditional Bukhoor (which is a mixture of Oud and other Essential mixtures) . Lootah’s family has carried this tradition for many generations,giving the best quality in the field and have surely made a big name for themselves. Their brand Ibn Lootah Oud is very well known all over UAE and Dubai.

Agarwood Oil and Oud Mixtures are considered very beneficial for our skin, therefore the natural product is also used in many cosmetics as well. Sadly, many fraudsters taking advantage of the popularity of the product cheat customers by providing adultrated products and some use name of well known brands as well. Therefore with an aim to teach people about the originality of the Agarwood oil and Oud, Essa also preaches how to identify the orignal Agarwood. Agarwood is an extremely rare tree and therefore extraction of oil from it makes it a tedious and difficult process.

But Ibn Lootah Oud is a revolution in the business which not only provides the best quality product but also works to eradicate fraudsters from the market as well. It is no surprise owing to their popularity in UAE, Only in 2 years they have reached 28k followers on Instagram organically. Truly, the hardwork and dedication of Essa Lootah is worth appreciating and is truly inspirational for all entrepreneurs out there.

Derek Robins

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