Ernest In Disguise, A Grand NFT Project Dropping Soon on the Solana Blockchain

Ernest In Disguise, A Grand NFT Project Dropping Soon on the Solana Blockchain

Meet Ernest, the trending 3 dimensional alien non-fungible token repping 6,000 unique disguises. Ernest is a friendly alien from the Cryzal galaxy who stumbled upon earth, discovering love and connection from his time spent on Earth. Following the explosive growth of the Solana network, Ernest has decided to localise on their blockchain, reaping the rewards of their almost nil gas fees as well as their continuous expansion and application into defi. It is no wonder that iconic world star figures such as Neyo, Amber Rose, and The Game have flooded their socials with posts of our beloved Ernest.

So who is the creator of this lovely artwork? Carlos Datolli, the two time sellout Marvel artist is back again for a third project, with more fantastic and mind-blowing artworks. His high-end and timeless pieces cut across different cultures, time frames and styles,  the artworks themselves varying from your average schoolboys halloween costume to some more notable cult halloween characters which have striking resemblance and detail. 

The Ernest team boasts of creating something more than just a random PFP that you can rep on your instagram page. They aim to, and have already to a large degree, create a community of art-loving individuals who strive for the betterment of the project and the empowerment of the NFT space. The team is looking to foster this concept by giving back to the community through various means, starting off with their first solana raffle at 25% sold post mint. Here, all those a part of the first 25% that minted will be in a draw to win 66 Solana. That’s just the first step of their minting plan, at 50% sold they plan on releasing a limited edition merch line to 10% of all those that have minted once the sale ends. That means that there will be 600 people who will have their very own Ernest NFT on the favourite piece of clothing, get ready to rep your favourite E.T with pride!


After that solana giveaway, merch drop & 75% sold, the team will be creating a full-fledged Ernest comic. The comic book series is one of the most fascinating features in the Ernest In Disguise franchise and is a continuation of their enthralling origin story that is currently available on their website.One of the truly remarkable features that the Ernest team is striving to implement however, is the integration of the communities unique NFTs within said comic, giving the community some true utility with their specific Ernest NFT.

If that isn’t enough, they plan to do a 1000 SOL giveaway (100 SOL to 10 lucky winners) to all those that are holding an Ernest NFT shortly after they sell out 100% of their supply. Every Ernest non-fungible token you hold counts as a raffle ticket,so the more you hold, the higher your chances are of winning.

So that’s all the plans for the mint, what happens after everything is sold? Well, within the first 3 months the team plans to implement 90% of their royalties for sweeping the floor, a grand opportunity for any investor as the Ernest team will be artificially pumping up the value of all Ernest NFTs by buying up the lowest listed Ernest NFTs across the board, giving great incentive and rewards to holders. From here, the team will be air-dropping a spaceship NFT to holders on a to-be-determined date; hence investors should be on the lookout for what’s to come and where this spaceship will lead. Last but definitely not least on their future roadmap, is their exclusive membership into the Ernest Insiders where members will be part of a DAO and have influence over the projects vision and mission. In addition to this, the Ernest team will be provided unique market and trading knowledge backed by years of experience within the cryptocurrency space, so be sure to grab two Ernest NFTs to gain access into such a highly prestigious group!

What more needs to be said? We have a project that is drawn by a marvel artist with two already sold out and successful projects, some amazing artwork and an even more amazing team dedicated to their community with numerous giveaways and future utility.  Save the date, 28th November 2021, and make sure you check out their rapidly growing discord and instagram for updates in the meantime!

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