Entrepreneur Jordan Eldridge went from being a freelancer to earning Five Figures a Month

Entrepreneur Jordan Eldridge went from being a freelancer to earning Five Figures a Month

Jordan Eldridge youngster from the USA started small with social media marketing and content creation and is currently earning five figures. More and more youngsters are turning towards entrepreneurship as their career. Starting new businesses in high school or college can be beneficial in further stages of life. Jordan Believes that learning multiple skills makes you a generalist, and in today’s competitive world, being a generalist is an advantage. Especially in the current economic situation when more and more creators are creating content to monetize and earn some money, Jordan was already working on multiple income streams.

Who is Jordan Eldridge?

Jordan Eldridge is an 18-year-old from the USA. He started in his early high school days. A couple of years back, meme culture was thriving, and various content creators created meme pages. As the pandemic started, Jordan could not attend school and spent most of creating content to grow his page. Working religiously on his content and mean marketing strategies, he was able to gain thousands of followers every month. He also joined the community called 100K Grind, in which like-minded people shared insights about my marketing and content creation. The community helped him to grow his page to over 200k within a year. Jordan faced many challenges why growing this page. He also struggled with his page getting three times banned within the first year of its creation.

How Jordan went from freelance to 5 figures?

Rarely, people in their teenage realize that finding multiple sources of income is so essential to have financial freedom. Jordan Eldridge, one of those genius teams who cracked it at his 18, beginning as a freelance content marketer. Jordan began an Instagram promotion and content creation. Used to promote different products and brands on his meme pages. He was doing multiple things in the digital media industry, he decided to build an agency.

Jordan founded “Epsilon” a full-fledged digital and influencer marketing agency to promote businesses and individuals why Instagram marketing. Apart from being a creator and marketer, Jordan is also a certified HTML and CSS professional. He also provided web design as a service, and now he has a separate web design team in Epsilon. They have developed websites for various early-stage startups and e-commerce websites for upcoming products.

Along with his web design and user interface knowledge in website building, Jordan is also a Photoshop certificate owner. He started freelancing as a graphic designer and designing social media posts and UI & UX services. Today Epsilon has a graphic design department that works under the guidance of Jordan.

Jordan decided to do something in the booming cryptocurrency market. Jordan started his exchange services to provide a capital exchange of cryptocurrencies to the people who cannot access the cryptocurrency market. He made a significant amount of commission by exchanging US dollars for cryptocurrency tokens (USDT). He made a network of people who were keen to invest in the crypto market.

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