Enhancing the blend of Beauty: Taran Malhotra

Enhancing the blend of Beauty: Taran Malhotra

Once an artist, always an artist. This saying became clear to us when we caught up with Taran Malhotra. Her art has graced the web platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and not to forget her top-notch list of clients. The London based make-up artist claims, “The work is thrilling, exhilarating, creative, and never the same twice. Professionalism and tact are unparalleled.”

Originally, Taran was born in Delhi, India, and later on shifted to UK in the year 2019. Delhi is a vibrant city of colors, wherein Taran started to develop her interest in the beauty industry. Her career in the art of hair and makeup stemmed from a love of creativity. From an early age, she began her training and soon became a makeup artist certified from “Swati Verma” and a Hairstylist certified by “Ritika Hairstylists”. Then later on with her skills in 2018, she went ahead to pursue it and started freelancing as a makeup artist. Taran’s fortes consist of bridal, special events, and natural makeup styles. Her favorite part of being a makeup artist is seeing the joy and satisfaction her customers express after makeovers. Having worked in the field for several years, Taran can recognize each client is unique, understanding the importance of defining each individual’s beauty and features. This is done by appreciating and reflecting the individual’s personality whilst listening to what they want to achieve allowing her to create a picture-perfect look every single time. In the year 2019, she moved to London and was already intrigued by the beauty industry she went ahead for further studies in beauty therapy from the London College of Makeup. She began working on various models and received unparalleled appreciation for her art.

Taran describes her work as: strong, clean and expressive. She enjoys the borrowing of a variety of styles from different sources including other artists, film, and art, and combining them to make them her own. Although she has developed an eclectic style and approach, the one thing that remains constant is her precise application and attention to detail. Certainly, Taran’s passion for her craft is apparent in her work. Catch a glimpse of her work on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taranmalhotramua/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/taranmalhotramua
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC8EbprRcphzk1It4HZWOtGw

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