Encouraging people to unleash their full potential by helping them harness the power within is Jennifer West-Granahan

Encouraging people to unleash their full potential by helping them harness the power within is Jennifer West-Granahan

She is a well-known coach who guides people to get started in real estate with her incredible action-oriented courses and programs.

The closer we look around us, the more we notice how different individuals and professionals across industries have been working with a bigger aim and motive instead of only running behind their desired success. These individuals, especially female professionals, are leaving no stone unturned to make a positive impact in the lives of others through whatever they choose to do in their careers. Doing exactly that and much more is Jennifer West-Granahan, who, as an entrepreneur and coach in the real estate industry, has been turning people’s lives for the better by teaching them how to get started in the same and by educating them with the real estate strategy called Wholesaling.

Creating abundance in people’s lives, encouraging them to unleash their full potential and helping them harness the power within have become a way of life for Jennifer West-Granahan with her one-of-a-kind Success Mindset. This program of hers, where she works with people one-on-one, is now turning into a digital course to reach people better and incorporate weekly Q&A sessions to keep them on track and hold them accountable.

Highlighting the big secret, Jennifer West-Granahan says that everything is energy and wants people to understand that their thoughts and emotions define their current lives. She excelled in the real estate strategy of wholesaling and started educating people in the same and, in the process, realized she was more than what she believed. She understood her true passion and purpose in life to help others succeed and win. This motivated her to start her YouTube channel to create solid and meaningful content for people to use, based on her experiences.

Jennifer West-Granahan believes that the foundation she provides to people, assisting them in their real estate journeys as well as in their life journeys, has helped her stand apart from others. Her program provides them with the knowledge to get their first deal and teaches them the mindset to enrich every other area of their lives. This has resulted in people closing deals in real estate, starting a business and even buying homes, proving Jennifer’s expertise in creating success stories by putting relevant content and creating courses to make people realize that everything is energy, including money.

“Fast Track to 10k Wholesaling and Mindset Course” is her latest digital program, which will start from 22nd September 2021, the registrations of which are already open online, and participants can join the life-changing training on wholesaling and mindset by her. Currently, she is also running a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge on Facebook for helping people in shifting their energy to a high frequency, for them to get aligned with their desires.

What has made Jennifer-West Granahan a sought-after coach is that she keeps it real. She focuses on mindset and energy as a part of her program. She has helped hundreds of students so far, which has allowed them to create abundance in many areas of their lives.

Find out more through her website, https://www.jenniferwestgranahan.com/.

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