Emerging as one of the best talents in the gaming world with his new reality show is influencer Bezlikiy

Emerging as one of the best talents in the gaming world with his new reality show is influencer Bezlikiy

Not many have shown the courage to do a full-fledged reality show in the Esports niche and Bezlikiy has excelled at the same.

To think of making it huge is one thing, but to go ahead in creating milestones in the same is a different thing altogether; the journey in between these two stages is what defines a professional and individual. Only a few rare gems in the world across industries have shown the courage and the confidence to take over their respective niches and do the different in the same to stand apart from others in the industry. Bezlikiy has done exactly that and has achieved the success he desired in the field of his choice.

All through these years, youngsters have loved playing video games and have shown great interest in knowing how the professional players have been slaying it in the same. To do something around it and seeing the buzz created by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Bezlikiy started developing his idea to create a new kind of reality show that can offer novelty to the audiences and show them the reality behind the professional players game in CS:GO. This young talent from Russia is already a well-known Instagram influencer and has earned a massive 2 million followers on the platform, proving his talent and credibility.

Just like the famous Big Brother that takes audiences into the lifestyle of people and celebs, Bezlikiy thought of taking people into the lifestyle of professional gamers where they move into the same house and show people how they play CS:GO, also throwing light on their lifestyle and routine as a player. The show will be live-streamed on Twitch 24/7, which is a prominent video streaming site. The game comes into the top 10 in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and also has a placement in the top 170 worldwide.

For his love for the game, Bezlikiy created a show on the CS:GO to be viewed by potentially millions of people globally, as they crave to see something innovative and engaging with a professional CS:GO team. Bezlikiy has even provided the participants with the required equipments and set up, giving audiences an outstanding experience of a live-in reality show based on the Esports niche with CS:GO at the epicenter.

To even think of something like this and give an ode to the Esports world with keeping a game like CS:GO at the center and showcasing professional gamers’ lives is a feat that no one has achieved, and Bezlikiy has done that phenomenally. Find out more about this Instagrammer and influencer @bezlikiy.

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