Effects of Private Tuition on the Academic Achievement of Students

Effects of Private Tuition on the Academic Achievement of Students

Majority of the parents provides tuition facilities for their children to improve their academic performance. There are some reasons for which they arrange tuition for their children. Firstly, some parents are uneducated or illiterate and secondly some parents are educated but have no time and remain too much busy to improve their economical position. Therefore, they come late to their homes. It is a reality that parents spent a lot of their economy on their children education but they are not able to look after their academic activities. Research shows that parental involvement and participations play a fundamental role in increasing the level of educational attainment of their children. Parents engage some tutors at home for making up the academic deficiencies and for increasing the academic abilities of their children. For this purpose, professional tutors are appointed for tutoring the children at home and gradually this trend of tutoring is being converted into a tradition rather an academic requirement

Home tuition is regarded as a very important instrument for the educational achievements of children. At secondary school level, students require guidance to compete with their class fellows and to get admissions in the most reputed and highly ranking educational institutions. In addition, it is very imperative to provide assistance to the students to do their homework properly which is assigned to him by the teachers. Furthermore, at secondary school level, courses are lengthy and tough therefore, it requires proper guidance and continuous supervision from parents. Home tuition is the best solution to these problems. Hence home tuition facilities should be provided to children whose parents are not able to participate with them in their academic activities. In addition, there are a lot of tuition academies, centers and coaching centers which are available in almost every corner of the urban as well as in rural areas of the country. These academies and centers provide teaching and guiding help in all the subject areas. But home tuition is regarded as more effective and successful because in tuition academies, students are put together in large group to tutoring purpose and hence individual attention is ignored

Now-a-days, , trend of home or private tuition is commonly observed in almost every corner of the rural and urban areas especially in subject of mathematics because mathematics is tougher as compared to the other subjects. The main reasons of this trend are the poor performance of teachers, lack of mathematics teachers in institutions, extraordinary involvement of students in cocurricular activities etc. This is why majority of the parents especially in urban areas arrange private tuition for their children to raise the level of their academic achievement, to make up their academic deficiencies and to keep them busy.

Trend of home tuition is increasingly adopted in every area of the country especially in urban areas. In urban areas kidnapping is a common practice therefore majority of the rich parents arrange tuition for their children at home. In addition, there are various academies and tuitions centers in every corner of the country to promote quality education. These academies or tuitions centers play a significant role in raising the achievement level of the students. However, home tuition is more beneficial and effective as compared to the private tuition which takes place in academies or tuition centers. Home tuition is safe and student is given special attention individually. Home tutoring is a type of tutoring that takes place in the home. Tutoring is instruction or receiving guidance by a tutor.

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