“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” by Roland Sato Page – The Demise of an Urban City Cop ATTACHMENTS

“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” by Roland Sato Page – The Demise of an Urban City Cop ATTACHMENTS

“Life Imitates Art” author Roland Sato Page newly released novel “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” reads like a urban crime drama straight from the movie screen. Maybe because the story is based on his actual past life as a police officer convicted of federal crimes for remaining loyal to his childhood friend. A deep dark journey that takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. A fusion of drama, humor, and even romance. It is a tale many will be able to relate too. “We all fall from grace sometimes more than once.”

Roland narrates the lifestyle, temptations, and dangers existing on the streets of St. Louis Missouri where he served as a city police officer until his demise from moral conflict. The freshmen writer feel it was fate, his novel dropped when some law enforcement departments are being exposed for an abundance of unethical behavior. Eating the Forbidden Fruit touches on racism he experienced through his life as a biracial kid growing up in the inner city neighborhoods. He embraced his Black, Latino, and Japanese culture. Roland contributes the exploitation of police corruption to modern technology however stress it always been this intense. He encountered many racist and sexist instances during his career especially because some officers did not know his ethnicity therefore, they would say offensive things unconsciously as if it was a norm.

True romance addicts will enjoy the novel for it shows how the love of his family (wife & kids) fared him through the storm. Dedicating the book success to his wife (Tracey Page) and mother, Fumi Karasawa, who passed two years ago. “Two special women who never judged me held me together. They showed me tough love, so I owe it to be transparent for pure retribution. I confess my soul for forgiveness. I hope I can inspire sinners that change is possible. Motivate marriages to understand problems are apart of growth with your soulmate and honesty strengthen the union.

If your thirsting to get the thrilling novel go to Amazon and get your copy. OnLineBooClub.org and Chick Lit has rated the book with 4 and 5 star reviews or go to www.authorrolandpage.com

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