Duels Award Worldwide: A Collaborative Showcase of Global Talent

Duels Award Worldwide: A Collaborative Showcase of Global Talent

As Duels Award Worldwide sets sail on its global tour, Switzerland emerges as the inaugural destination. (As an independent Event now organised by Katniss and Andreea), (Originally Duels Award Dubai was held in Partnership with another Event Producer. Now Duels Award Worldwide under Katniss and Andreea marking the commencement of a planned unprecedented collaboration with Guinness World Records. This partnership promises to deliver an extraordinary showcase of talent and creativity, setting a new standard for excellence in the entertainment industry.

Leading the charge are Katniss Griffiths and Andreea Comier Wacker, two luminaries whose remarkable talent and charisma have earned them acclaim on the international stage. Katniss, known for her trailblazing spirit, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the table, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for all involved. Meanwhile, Andreea, a visionary figure in entertainment, plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction of Duels Award Worldwide, ensuring each event surpasses expectations and leaves a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

In addition to these esteemed collaborators, Duels Award Worldwide proudly announces a partnership with Nora Emilie Nakken, Miss Norway Universe 2021-2022. Nora’s grace, elegance, and innate charm add a touch of sophistication to the proceedings, further enhancing the prestige of the event.

As preparations intensify for their appearance on the illustrious red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Invited as VIP Guest Katniss, Andreea, Lenka, Ihab, Said and Nora embody the spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines Duels Award Worldwide. Their collective presence underscores the significance of this global initiative, uniting talent from diverse backgrounds and celebrating the transformative power of creativity on a global scale.

Collaborating publications such as Bridgette Hauser of cChic Magazine Swiss, Guistino Fani from Italy, People of Talent Magazine, I Love Magazine by Pino Attanasio Italy, alongside influencers and Public Figures like Ihab Jiryis, Shaila Sabatini, Sara Sabato, Lenka Lorandi, Linda Fadimatou Sow, Said Omari, and Maileen Gabano planned contribution to the event’s multifaceted appeal, ensuring its resonance across diverse audiences worldwide.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming festivities, Duels Award Worldwide continues to embody the spirit of collaboration and innovation, uniting talent from around the world to create unforgettable experiences and inspire audiences everywhere.

Duels Award Worldwide is coming for you Switzerland 🇨🇭

Then which Country Host is next?

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