Dub P – The Talented Rapper from Hayward California

Dub P – The Talented Rapper from Hayward California

Dub p is one of the leading Hip hop Artists, a talented rapper who grew up in Hayward California and when he was about 8 years old he discovered that the god of vocation had planned for him. Over the years he has learned many things and discovered a new way to reach young people in a positive and effective way. He recently spoke to the media about his plans and his new music. Another thing he said about his music was that people were going to see the other side of him. He told them that for some people it would be very difficult to understand music and how it expresses itself .But it is important for those people to understand how young people today feel. You want people to understand that music is something you express yourself.

Dub p grew up in Hayward California in the Bay Area where gang violence was rampant in his neighborhood and he was caught by it as a child. His older brother was killed while they were both in high school and in all of that he found himself in trouble because the law was coming in and out of prison. He loved music when he first heard Tupac on the radio and felt like he was the first Asian rapper to blow up.

Some of his best songs include Alone, Remember me feat. Aleksa Safiya, Lost Me, Mo Money Mo Problems, They Were Famous.

We all want to get out of where we come from. Call it the American Dream; aspirations for success always include changing the environment. Most of the time, it is because of familiarity, or, where we come from that success is rare. In Dub P and $ tupid Young’s “Make It Out,” they touch on the idea of ​​slow-moving, emotionally charged emotions that use auto tune to arouse emotion. With an accompanying image depicting guns, a poor life, and a normal lifestyle that is not suitable for those with aspirations for success, these two artists state their case very clearly; they want success and a better life. For that to happen, they have to move. And that is something we can all understand; makes it even easier because the song itself is so fun.

Watch the video “Make It Out” on YouTube.

Listen to Dub P’s tracks on https://open.spotify.com/artist/6uTygV8XJnO8OVlSvlIyJK?si=qndjRZ-gTEaRyG9FJvlk3g and find more about him at https://instagram.com/therefugeebaby?utm_medium=copy_link

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