Dr. Tushar Deoras- The recipient for the UN Education Award 2021.

Dr. Tushar Deoras- The recipient for the UN Education Award 2021.

They say an award is given to a recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in a certain field. 

The UN is rewarding Dr. Tushar Deoras for initiating the reformation of education in the India. UN awards are given to distinguished men and women of the society who are willing to bring out a change in society through their ideas and contributions. In June 2021, Dr. Tushar will be in Geneva making his country proud because of his reforming works.

The pandemic has not let the thriving mind of Deoras subside but rather has boosted his dream of helping students with their career plans in and around the world.

It’s an honour not only to Dr. Tushar but also to the nation to see one such determined individual want to refine the education system in India.

COVID-19 has altered lives, economies and the nature of business on every continent — from the largest cities to the smallest villages. It is the most urgent threat facing humanity today, but we cannot forget that the future of the country lies in the youngsters of today says Deoras.

Dr. Tushar said the convergence of these times of crises has opened a window of opportunity to build forward, to build dreams and keep them sustainable.

His objective to reform the education system and bridge the gap between current learning outcomes and those desired. Recognizing the need to keep up with a rapidly changing world and knowledge landscape, Astute Academy articulates that “the purpose of the education system is to develop good human beings capable of rational thought and action, possessing compassion and empathy, courage and resilience, scientific temper and creative imagination, with sound ethical moorings and values. It aims at producing engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable, inclusive and plural society as envisaged by our constitution.”

He took up the fight against commercialisation in education by becoming a career counsellor to bring about educational reforms. Today, he has been recognized as the top career counsellor in India and had been nominated for “Padma Shree”, received many awards from honourable Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Rajnath Singhji, Nitin Gadkari, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis and many more. He is also the recipient of many prestigious international awards, including one from the House of Lords and House of Commons of the British Parliament, London and the World’s Greatest Leaders in Dubai. He has also received accolades from many other countries, like Russia and Mauritius.

Some of his reformational works include, reaching out to extend to the rural areas where he supports the weakest sections of society. He adopts many students every year from small villages and mentors them to choose the right education. This initiative has been appreciated and he was applauded with many awards, including Best Career Counsellor in India and in the Asia Pacific region.

Deoras subscribes to the philosophy that the most important pillar of education is quality teachers. Yet India faces a severe shortage of quality teachers. Unlike international universities, teachers are not paid well in India and due to this; the teaching profession fails to attract suitable talent. He works tirelessly to improve the quality of teachers by introducing various initiatives and suggesting massive educational reforms to governments and institutions.

Deoras is also working with the government to promote educational reforms through transformation in the coaching classes segment and accountability, skill-identification and development projects. He supports teachers’ training and seeks to bring professionalism into the education sector.

Such strong emphasis on equity and quality is laudable, as is the effort to broaden the scope of “quality education.” The objective “to make space for critical thinking, more holistic, inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based and analysis-based learning” has made him the recipient of the UN Education Reformer award.

This definitely sets an example to all the aspirants and also someone who will continue to do good deeds that would benefit the future of the country. It is undoubtedly a moment of pride for us Indians.

Derek Robins

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