Don’t Combine These 5 Foods With Curd to Prevent Indigestion

Don’t Combine These 5 Foods With Curd to Prevent Indigestion

Worst dinner Combinations: Curd is a delicious side dish that transforms a dinner into a magnificent, surreal experience. But eating curd with the wrong stuff can make it worse for your health. When combined with other foods, curd—which is high in probiotics—can be detrimental to one’s overall health, especially in terms of digestion. Combining the incorrect foods with curd might harm your skin and overall health. The following is a list of items that are never appropriate to pair with curd.

Items You Should Never Eat With Curd

1. Onions

If you are a fan of onion raita, you might want to reconsider doing this in the future. Unlike onions, which inherently heat the body, curd is naturally chilly. This causes an imbalance in body temperature and exacerbates digestion problems as well as skin diseases like acne and eczema.

2. Fruits

It is never a good idea to mix curd with mango as the body could get hot and aged at the same time. Consuming this combo may result in the body producing toxins and developing skin issues.

3. Tea

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. But your bodies don’t want it mixed with curd. Since curd and tea are naturally acidic foods, consuming them together may create acidity.

4. Milk

Curd and milk make the worst food combo ever. Consuming a bowl of curd with unflavored milk may cause severe dyspepsia, stomach cramps, and other digestive problems. Because they are both sources of animal protein, consuming them together may also produce gas, acidity, and diarrhea.

5. Oily foods

The digestion process is slowed down when fried or oily foods are coupled with curd; this might result in digestive problems including bloating or stomach ache. It may also cause you to feel tired and dizzy during the day.

Sanchita Patil

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