DJ Shad India Aka Shardul Patil : Spinning the soundtrack with his versatile song Crank it Up.

DJ Shad India Aka Shardul Patil : Spinning the soundtrack with his versatile song Crank it Up.

In early 2020, as the pandemic continued its vice grip on the music industry, DJ Shad India found himself alone and back in his childhood home in Pune, India.

Just a year ago, he was absolutely flying high. Touring hard with longtime Universe, and ensconced in his Shots Fired solo side-project doing mini-runs in cities around the country. Like so many peers and fellow creatives, performing live had long been DJ’s bread and butter. Now, his day-to-day life had come to a veritable standstill. Grounded and confounded, with funds drying up fast, DJ Shad India decamped from City back to Work , pared down, and took stock of his life as he knew it.

Over the course of several months, isolated from nearly everything but family, DJ re-examined relationships: with himself, with a partner, with mother and father . Then, he made wholesale modifications across the board. He channeled the winds of change into himself and his art form. After much inner work and introspection, DJ Shad India released his latest solo “Crank it up” on March 2nd 2022.

“It’s something out of the box , and it’s different,” DJ Shad India said about his solo track crank it up. The fruits of that recording experience gave birth to the magic we now hear “crank it up” on all musical sites . It is a career-defining sound document, a proud, empowered collection of songs that reveal a brilliance long hinted at but not yet fully realized. That is, until now.

It’s A combination of confidence and being insecure, and quite possibly the most honest collection of music I’ve ever created,” DJ Shad India noted. From the classic to the contemporary, one can pick up on myriad influences present in this music, but it’s clear that this is DJ Shad India’s vision, his sound, equal parts a revival and his own arrival. His track have already started making boom in the clubs.
And also making huge impact on the youth to grove their feets on the floor. Further he adds that Many more song tracks are being lined up and will release soon.

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